Donald Trump’s Dead Planet Plan

POTUS escalates his war on the planet with his “energy Independence” Executive Order

note: this is an archived podcast episode from the best of Season 1.
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Trump’s order rolls back President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Let’s call it the Donald Trump Dead Planet Plan. Diana Best, a Greenpeace energy campaigner who is charged with halting the social influence of the oil industry during Trump’s administration, joins me on the podcast to break down the meaning and scale of this administration of Climate change deniers, the significance of Trump not stepping away from the 2015 Paris Agreement, and the diversity of tactics required to fight back.

Also, Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist, has publicly declared that the “Judeo-Christian West is collapsing” and U.S. is in what he calls “the fourth American turning” in which an all-out civilization war is inevitable. In fact, according to Bannon, it has already begun.

These views would be easy to dismiss if Steve Bannon was the editor of a widely-discredited news website and the host of a fringe radio show, as was the case less than a year ago. Today, Bannon is Trump’s main “ideas guy.”

Abby Martin — host and producer of The Empire Files — will discuss her recent expose on Steve Bannon. While Bannon calls himself an economic nationalist, it is a brand of nationalism that fear mongers over anyone outside the Judeo-Christian tradition and benefits only white people. So, does that make him a white nationalist? And how can we stop him before he escalates the all-out civilization war that he thinks has already begun?

Finally, Rou Reynolds, front man of the dynamic rock band Enter Shikari, joins me for an interview about the band’s current tour, and how it’s progressive message is going over here in the US in the Trump era. In discussing the influence of the Zeitgeist movement on his life, art, and lyrics, I ask Rou about living with the contractions of waging an anti-capitalist struggle in the modern world.


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