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90s-Centric Content You May Have Missed

We’re one month into a publication for women who don’t see themselves in typical publications. Grab a seat & a ring pop, we’re so glad you’re here.

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God, is there any normal, casual way to open a mass email? What is it about sending an email to a bunch of people you don’t know that just makes you start writing with tons! of! exclamation! points! Why am I trying so hard to convince you, a stranger, that I’m perky and enthusiastic? Am I trying to sell you a time-share, or convince you to join a cult, or something??

Anyway! I’m Gabrielle Moss, and along with Shani Silver, I edit Atta Girl, the publication for women in their 30s and 40s or whatever. We know you are out there living your life—participating in political actions, reading Moby Dick, impulse-buying weird cheap nail polish that you know will look bad but you just can’t stop yourself—and don’t have time to read every single article we publish every single day. So we collected a few recent ones you might have missed, written by the talented writers of Atta Girl. Want to be one of those? Just submit a new essay to Atta Girl, or email us at

See anything you like? If you were born in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, or any time when phones still had cords, we bet that you will. Share it, far and wide, so that Atta Girl can achieve its goal of world domination, or at least just like a few more followers.

It’s only been a month, and we’re (extreme Al Pacino voice) just gettin’ warmed up. Check out a few recent essays below, and subscribe to Atta Girl to keep up with all of our Pop Rocks & Capri Sun-fueled antics.

1 — Jennifer Barnett’s “How I Got My Dream Job at Elle Magazine in the ‘90s

A tale of bus rides, Love’s baby Soft ads, the Kennedys, and the final days of “old media.”

2 — Larissa Zageris’s “I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter

When you’re in high school and a national ghost-hunting TV show asks you to spend the night in a cemetery, you do it, right?

3 — Shani Silver’s “Age Is The Weirdest Insult

You guys know you’re like…also getting older, right? You’re not pickling yourself into your 23 year body forever, Olivia.

4 — Suman Sandhu’s “Sunglasses Are For Always, Don’t Fight Me On This

Seriously, it’s the truth.

5 — Kyrie Gray’s “6 Things Only Those Who Grew Up With Phone Cords Will Understand

Remember when you’d stretch the cord too far, and knock a bunch of stuff over? Honestly, I think it built character!

6 — Gabrielle Moss’ “There’s A SiteThat Makes You Into A “Daria” Character. That’s It, That’s The Entire Article

Find out what you’d look like as a Daria character not that you haven’t already envisioned it in your mind for years.

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Gabrielle Moss

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