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Actually Good Holiday Sweaters, 25-Year-Old Life Coaches, & Sleeping In Separate Bedrooms

Hello and welcome to another round-up of stories you may have missed from Atta Girl, a publication for women over 30. We’re here! We have stuff to say! We might be slightly regretting the amount of time and energy we invested in watching The Undoing! But damn it, we’re having a good time.

We’ve collected a few stories you might have missed over the past two weeks. If checking out these stories lights a literary fire within you, we’d love to see your writing, too. Just submit a new essay to Atta Girl, or email us at

As we move into the weird zone between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we’d like to thank you for being a friend. You’re a pal and a confidant, and if you try to get us to join your leggings-based multi-level marketing scheme, we’ll totally pretend to consider it. Enjoy the recent work of Atta Girl writers below.

  1. Miranda Dennis’s Pinhead Was Kind of My Childhood Crush

Being a kid is weird and hard, and sometimes, the only way to cope is to pretend a grotesque horror movie villain is your BFF.

2. Christine Estel’s I Thought I Was Done Exploring Uncharted Territory. I Was Wrong.

Have you ever looked at something you did in your twenties and thought, who the hell was that person?

3. Amber Radcliffe’s No, 25-Year-Old Life Coach, I Don’t Want To Buy Your Course

Turns out, “be 25 and born rich” is not something you can teach.

4. Jennifer Barnett’s Normalize Sleeping In Separate Bedrooms Like Old-School Hollywood

You’ll like your partner even more if you stop getting woken up by their snoring and that weird thing they do where they’re…god, are they chewing on their pillow? Oh my god!

5. Shani Silver’s 9 Christmas Recipes This Jewish Person Will Be Making Immediately

One religion can’t call dibs on peppermint bark! PEPPERMINT BARK BELONGS TO THE WORLD, OKAY?

6. Suman Sandhu’s The Christmas Sweater Is The New Party Dress

Life is hard, treat yourself to a sweater with sequins.

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For women in their 30s & 40s or whatever. If the internet doesn’t think you’re cool anymore, we do.

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