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Examples Of Content That’s Very Much Atta Girl’s Sh*t

Stuff we like.

Locate your glitter pens, at the least the ones that haven’t leaked all over the inside of your backpack — here’s what we at Atta Girl love to publish.

Atta Girl, for those of you who don’t obsessively follow Gabrielle Moss and I on Twitter, is a publication for women who feel like they’re aging out of the internet. It doesn’t feel good to suddenly stop being the target market for everything from women’s publications to pop music to fucking eyeshadow. So we created a space where the fun stuff lives, and it only ever cares what we think.

If our content gives you Jane Magazine but also two-car garage-produced zine vibes, good — that means we’re doing our job. We have a full list of all the content we’d love for you send our way here, but below we’ve also included some already published goodies to give you a few real-life examples.

How I Got My Dream Job At Elle Magazine In The 90s: This really happened, and it’s detailed.

No, 25-Year-Old Life Coach, I Don’t Want To Buy Your Course: I want to tell you more about this it’s just that I’m laughing too hard.

Shopping For Going Out Clothes At Age 37: I just want to stay out past midnight and flirt with a bartender who has no interest in me whatsoever I’m not also trying make my debut at The Crazy Horse. Clothe me!

Double Tap If You Read Flowers In The Attic Way Too Young: *raises hand*

Sure, I’ll Have Tantric Sex With the Guy Who Played Barney the Dinosaur, Why Not: You know you want to click on that headline, don’t lie to me.

We All Need a Safe Haven Right Now, And Mine Is Inside A Caboodle: Relatable!

Don’t Wash Your Face! And other beauty advice not delivered to you by someone who can still sleep in her makeup, consequence-free.

I Forgot To End Our Imaginary Relationship, Teen Idol: Whoopsie!

Email us at to be added as a writer, and feel free to submit content that fits our guidelines to our publication any time.





For women in their 30s & 40s or whatever. If the internet doesn’t think you’re cool anymore, we do.

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