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On Not Washing Your Face, Pretending It’s the 90s, & Knowing That Bad Mall Jobs Build Character

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Hello and welcome to another round-up of stories you may have missed from Atta Girl, a publication for women who did not spontaneously combust on their 30th birthdays. Bizarre, I know! But somehow, here we are, still living our lives, thinking thoughts, and coming up with dynamic skin care routines. And we’re eager to share it all with you, dear readers!

We’ve collected a few stories you might have missed over the past two weeks. If checking out these stories lights a literary fire within you, we’d love to see your writing, too. Just submit a new essay to Atta Girl, or email us at

We don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you do, how you’re dealing with your maskne, or whether you think an all-white ensemble is an extremely hot look or something a cult leader would wear—we’re grateful for you. Enjoy the recent work of Atta Girl writers below.

  1. Stacey Curran’s To All The Jobs I’ve Had Before

Why are employers always asking irrelevant questions about Microsoft Office, when they should be asking about real professional skills—like how you coped with your that one terrible coworker you had at the Gap who just goofed around with their friends from Pretzel Time all shift, every shift.

2. Em Unraveling’s You Probably Need Some Pleather Leggings This Winter & Here’s Why

Have you been waiting for a sign to buy pleather pants? Well, here it is, bud!

3. Suman Sandhu’s Don’t Wash Your Face!

Are you sick of using 47 different products and still having your skin be a weird, flaky mess? Give this a shot.

4. Shanna Loga’s Calling Products “Pro-Aging” Doesn’t Change Their Message That Aging Is Bad

Who cares what you call it if you’re still gonna tell us there’s something wrong with having the skin of a human being who has lived past the age of 29?

5. Shani Silver’s I Bought Lady Gaga’s Eyeliner And Oh My God

I mean, are you surprised?

6. anniewood’s How Pretending It’s The 1990s Is Actually Good For You

Remember not knowing something and just kind of…not knowing it for a minute? God, wasn’t that relaxing?

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