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An In-depth Look at ATTA: an Entertainment Metaverse in Web 3.0

In 1992, Neal Town Stephenson described his vision of the future metaverse in his masterwork Snow Crash. In this cyberpunk world, the virtual world, virtual currency, and future technology have become mainstream. While marveling at the ingenuity of Snow Crash’s conception, we cannot help but wonder that at a time when the Internet and mobile communications were not even existed, whether the author had imagined that the Internet giant would change its name and officially engage in the development of the metaverse, and everyone would be frantically talking about this imminent future nowadays.

Meanwhile, an industry is growing at an unstoppable pace — the entertainment industry. Over the past decade, the development of technology has relentlessly eroded the power of the traditional entertainment industry as new media has become the dominant entry for information. We have witnessed the impossible became possible during the evolution from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Terms like K-pop, Pop art, Netflix, and TikTok, which all belong to the new era, are constantly renewing the public’s definition of entertainment. While people become controlled by big data and algorithms, the information flow has shifted from centralized to decentralized.

Standing at the dawn of Web 3.0, we see a future where everyone is free to socialize, entertain, create, trade, and do other social and spiritual activities. Users will become the actual creators and builders of the Internet, and the data information and data assets created by them will all belong to themselves.

Yes, Web 3.0 is here for everyone, and ATTA is dedicated to building an entertainment metaverse and reshaping the industry where everyone can create, play, and earn. With Game+Social at its core, ATTA aims to bring users a brand-new NFT experience in its ecosystem, where creators can achieve self-realization and players can meet social needs through entertainment while earning rewards and incentives.

ATTA is a metaverse project with a unique position that directly connects with the entertainment industry and content creation to make the best of the industry and generate buzz and social impact. As a representative project of Web 3.0 in the industry, ATTA is the only entertainment metaverse known in the blockchain industry today.


DreamMaker is a metaverse product created by ATTA, with a core concept of constructing an open and accessible entertainment metaverse for film and video creations. In DreamMaker, everyone has an opportunity to become stars, directors, screenwriters or actors and realize dreams by showing his/her productions.

The dream of being a star with protagonist auras under the spotlight is fascinating, but not everyone is born to be a protagonist and play the central role. On the contrary, it may take up to ten years to make your debut on stage, even if you are lucky enough to be a trainee since the top entertainment companies have all the resources in reality.

In DreamMaker, however, you don’t have to wait for a long time to demonstrate your talent fully. You can become somebody from nobody even for one try through DreamMaker’s two elements — the editor and the sandbox-like world. Beyond that, users can quickly and easily get started with video and film creation through the modular process.

DreamMaker is a creation platform, but more importantly, a social and distribution channel. Once users complete their videos with the help of DreamMaker’s components, they can play them in the Cinema, which is also a part of the DreamMaker metaverse.

DreamMaker: Three Key Components

Since its establishment, the DreamMaker team has been working hard on user experience, expecting players to smoothly experience the whole creation process while obtaining film and video works with the best quality. The ecosystem of DreamMaker includes three key components — the Editor, Marketplace, and Metaverse.

The Editor

The editor is the primary component to operate the DreamMaker. By modularizing elements in traditional film and video production like costumes, sets, plots, lines, props, and background music, players can produce every part and export their creation to the metaverse and marketplace as the game assets.


Beeple’s work can be made into NFT and sold on secondary markets like Opensea, which acts as a bridge between collectors and creators. Likewise, ATTA also aims to provide a marketplace where creators and their excellent works can be recognized by others. Creators can upload, release, and sell different sets, script plots, props, costumes, and their movies or videos on the marketplace to get royalties through secondary sales. In a word, ATTA is committed to setting up a reward system, encouraging creators to establish a positive and sustainable economic system.

DreamMaker Metaverse

DreamMaker Metaverse is a sandbox entertainment world, including cinema, actor training halls, TV station, personal film studios, marketplace, etc. Players can unleash their creativity by employing free, self-made or purchased components in DreamMaker. Through gamified mechanics, you can conceive, plan, and shoot your short film, and interact with other players in the metaverse, shooting and performing together. Eventually, you will create your own films to be shown in the metaverse Cinema (community).

In short, by employing the Editor, users can not only create their own short films and all the elements they need but also invite other players in the metaverse to film, act, and replicate the entire entertainment production process in reality. Once completed, users can sell their works in the marketplace or exhibit them in DreamMaker to earn from “box office”.

ATTA empowers creators with intuitive and powerful tools for content creation, so that they can produce, animate, release, and sell their own components globally in the marketplace. The Editor is a 3D tool, which enables everyone to create or import their own objects, set them up, and then export them to the marketplace. Users can further convert them to NFT assets. Generally, DreamMaker world is an overall metaverse system where users can enjoy and share their gaming experiences. In the metaverse, creators can profit from their creations and meanwhile players can earn by collecting resources, rewards and tokens.

A Metaverse for Creators

DreamMaker is dedicated to developing as a one-stop platform for creators, helping beginners with no professional knowledge get started with video producing quickly. With this in mind, DreamMaker Metaverse will establish different facilities in order to create a diverse entertainment platform.

In DreamMaker, we will set up Dream Land, Cinema, Film School, Television station, Social Square and Film Studio, and more components are under development.

Dream Land

Dream Land is a personalized space in the DreamMaker Metaverse, where players own a part of the metaverse and thus they are mandated to manage some contents like assets and games. It is a “physical” space in the metaverse and users can utilize it to create themes and scenes, from which to make a profit. On one hand, Dream Land can be used as a place for players to interact and socialize; on the other hand, it is used to post players’ works and can be rented out to other creators. Although each land has a pre-painted terrain, it can be adapted and modified by its owner or by other players they invite.


Cinema is a place where users’ films are played, as well as a place where users can watch films and vote. It will be in a more centralized format during the earlier stage, provided by ATTA, while in the future, players can build their own theaters and even theater chains.

Film School

ATTA will invite the most professional screenwriters and directors in the entertainment industry to provide daily training for users, which includes idea developing, script writing, editing, and the methods of using other tools. In Film School, not only can users acquire practical strategies but also upgrade their professional skills to achieve a right to manage the project.

Television Station

Television Station is a gathering place for information in DreamMaker. The Entertainment Billboard will report the DreamMaker’s entertainment news, NFT information and various lists at regular times throughout the day. Just imagine that your characters and works are published on the entertainment news and are on the List of Top 3 Films and Televisions, the List of Top 20 Music and the List of Popularity in the metaverse.

Users will have access to the most up-to-date and valuable information in DreamMaker, and can earn reward and incentives as active viewers, information providers, and streamers.

Social Square

Users can communicate with each other freely and complete some daily tasks on the Social Square. Some public screening, such as film festivals, will also be held here. In the future, ATTA will host more intriguing events here.

Film Studio

DreamMaker’s members can team up with others to establish studios and collaborate on film creations spontaneously. At the same time, players can display their achievements in their own film studio, such as films, scripts, and costumes, etc.

In order to break the wall between the virtual world and the real world, ATTA will also invite some professional film studios in reality to the metaverse, playing the teasers and trailers of the upcoming films. ATTA wants everyone to participate in producing films and videos, as well as renovate the entire traditional film and video production process.

DreamMaker also aims to progressively develop and launch multiple modules, for example, film festival, music festival, concert, sports event, and commercial district. You can expect to have a much closer relationship with your idol and even cooperate with her or him to produce a film in DreamMaker. All the seemingly impossible will become possible in DreamMaker.

The Metaverse is like a Pandora’s Box where the parallel universe exists, and DreamMaker is preoccupied with giving creators a space where they can infinitely unleash their creative potential.

Step by Step — DreamMaker’s Roadmap

DreamMaker intends to build an evolving and sustainable ecosystem, as ATTA’s mission is to reconstruct the entertainment industry in Web 3.0 through the metaverse. ATTA team comprises experienced members in content creation from the USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, and its founder has more than 20 years’ experience as a film producer and agent.

ATTA team has made a roadmap that best suits the DreamMaker.

Stage I — to launch DreamMaker Film Arena — in process

To assist players to familiarize themselves with DreamMaker’s characters, scenes and settings and help players dive into the DreamMaker metaverse, ATTA will initially launch Film Arena, an online game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In Film Arena, by completing a series of tasks and professional challenges, players will have access to different characters and careers. Additionally, players can experience different functional scenarios like film school, Television station, crew, and DreamMaker corporate building in advance and have the opportunity to earn rewards.

Stage II — to launch DreamMaker Twitter Plug-in — 2022Q1

DreamMaker twitter plug-in is a tool that allows players to create NFTs without a threshold and even co-create with stars and film and video contents that you are really into. Players’ NFT can be integrated in the DreamMaker metaverse. At the same time, they can make preparations for entering the DreamMaker metaverse by familiarizing themselves with the concepts and process of producing videos and then get started with it in a short time.

Stage III — to sell DreamMaker’s Assets, such as Avatar, Dream Land, etc. — 2022Q1

In DreamMaker, all Avatars are different incarnations of players. Each is distinct and unique and you can regard it as your virtual stand-in. All Avatars can participate in providing scripts, building sets, acting, and voting, and you can decide your future career in the platform. Besides, every character can wander around, socialize, assemble a film crew, and work with them at each other’s Dream Land and Studios.

Stage IV — to launch DreamMaker Alpha Version — 2022Q1

In Alpha, players can get some essential experience of DreamMaker and learn the filmmaking process. Players can create some clips through several simple actions

Stage V — to launch DreamMaker Beta & Further Updates — 2022Q2

During this phase, the function of film production in DreamMaker will be more mature, for players and creators can have a more fluid experience of scriptwriting, acting, socializing and co-creating.

Stage VI — to enrich the modules in DreamMaker — 2022 & Beyond

DreamMaker’s steps will not stop at developing the platform for filmmaking, but to grow into a virtual world where people want to come and relax after a tiring day at work. We will continue developing new components and interacting more with the activities and commerce in reality.

Bottom Line: What is DreamMaker’s vision in an unsteady and fickle market?

Just imagine a scene like this:

On a pleasant afternoon, you turn on your computer and enter the DreamMaker, in which you are standing on the DreamMaker’s award stage with countless audiences cheering in that you and your team have produced a fantastic movie.

The idea of this movie has been germinated in your mind since you were a child, but it remains a distant dream due to the practical obstacles.

Then you stumble upon the DreamMaker, and you utilize the tools in DreamMaker to turn your ideas into reality and display them in public.

To make everyone recall and develop his/her fantastic ideas is the original intention of ATTA in constructing the DreamMaker and the greatest motivation to move forward.

In such an unsteady and fickle market, DreamMaker is devoted to helping you recall your fantastic ideas and then start from scratch. DreamMaker wants ordinary people to be recognized.

About ATTA

ATTA is dedicated to building an entertainment metaverse where everyone can create, play and earn. With Game+Social at its core, ATTA aims to bring users a brand-new NFT experience in its ecosystem, where creators can achieve self-realization and players can meet social needs through entertainment while earning rewards and incentives. ATTA collaborates with leading platforms including Binance NFT, Element, BAZHUAYU, and Poizon App etc. For more information, visit:

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