Announcing ATTA Southeast Asian Area Ambassador Program

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3 min readJun 14, 2022


Now we have your attention:

ATTA is delighted to announce the launch of the Southeast Asian Area Ambassador Program, which kicks off on June 14th.

ATTA needs ambassadors to spread our vision and mission with the greater Web3 community.

If you want to become an integral part of the ATTA family, join our Ambassador Program! Let’s seize the opportunity of the Web3.0 era and build the ecosystem together.

Fill the application form if you are interested:

Who are we looking for?

Please kindly note, we are looking for candidates who are based in Southeast Asia, preferably, Thailand, Vietnam, India.

To give you a sense of what we are prioritizing when we are looking for great candidates:

1.Branding/Marketing Ambassador

We hope you can help us branch out in your country/region. For example, help the connection AND promote long-term cooperation with local crypto communities, KOLs and other related institutions for ATTA.

2.Transalation Ambassador

We would like you to help us translate some docs/articles to your local language and help us communicate with the community members from your region.

What are we looking for from the Ambassadors?

1. Great local crypto networking resources can help ATTA’s connection with local crypto communities, KOLs and other institutions. (We highly value this)

2. Have a passion for branding/marketing and love to help raise the awareness of ATTA in your country.

3.Great interpersonal skills.

4.Previous crypto working experience in marketing/BD preferred.

5.Previous ambassador experience preferred.

As a reward for your contribution, we offer:

1. Performance pay according to your work.(Paid in stablecoin)

2. Chance to receive NFTs, community roles, and other rewards.

3. Potential airdrop in the future

4. Promotional support on online social media.

5. Long-term cooperation.

How to apply?

Fill the form to express your interest.

Selected candidates will be contacted and receive an invitation via Telegram or Discord.

If you have any further questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to @zoeywang502 on Telegram.

Welcome to join us!

About ATTA

ATTA aims to build a next-generation entertainment community for content consumption, discussion and creation that is empowered by ATTA DAO. We strive to create a new generation of the content ecosystem where occupational and professional content creators can realize their ideas, new directors and new content can receive more exposure, and copyrights can be better protected. We believe that the content business, like any other real economies, can achieve a win-win situation only by helping content creators to explore and meet the diverse needs of consumers as much as possible. As we uncover and meet users’ content consumption needs in all aspects, we are dedicated to maximizing the economic value for all stakeholders with a web3-native model. With the core team combining industry veterans with decades of expertise in entertainment and web3 native entrepreneurs, our vision is to supercharge content creators for the continued generation of hitting ideas while maximizing their business value.

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