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ATTA Partners with Element

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with Element, an open digital products marketplace founded by Feng Wang, designed to help users create, discover, auction, buy and interact with one another. As the platform launches on July 15th, we’ll have our debut on the Ethereum network with Ding Wu’s and O2’s exclusive NFT assets. It’s always been ATTA’s mission to create a premium NFT brand that secure, produce, and distribute best-in-class digital and physical assets to collectors worldwide.

Collaborating with Element, this upcoming batch of NFT assets will be distributed with limited editions, where each purchaser will be able to enjoy exclusive rights and benefits.

More details will be released soon- be sure to follow our social media for more information!

About ATTA

ATTA is a blockchain-based content creator for premium copyright assets and has joined Binance NFT 100 Creators. By focusing on music, movies, esports, charity and celebrity IPs, ATTA aims to introduce best-in-class assets with exclusive rights and benefits to collectors worldwide, and open a two-way door to the metaverse by converging the physical and the digital. ATTA products are available on leading platforms including Binance NFT, BAZHUAYU, Poizon App and Treasureland etc. For more information, visit:

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