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ATTA to Launch Public Testing and Early-Bird Ticket Sale on June 30th

We’re excited to announce that ATTA will officially launch its DAO-empowered entertainment community on June 30th for public testing. The “Early Bird” tickets for the Rolling Youth Film Festival are on sale at 2:00 PM (UTC+8) on June 30th, with a limited number of 1,000 tickets available. The online red carpet and opening film premiere of the Festival will be held on July 7th, when the official Rolling Festival Pass sale will also be open to the public.

With a total of 15,000 ticket NFTs, the Rolling Festival Pass is the ticket and the pass to start the film festival journey. Starting from July 19th to October 18th, all pass holders can enjoy various benefits including 250+ Asia-Pacific short films and special screening from the top-notch directors; 10+ Live Talks; unprecedented voting for 7 Grand Awards; online and offline redcarpet; ceremonies; ATTA night; as well as the right to unlock Popcorn rewards & other exclusive benefits through numerous events. The Pass will be deployed on Klaytn and Polygon network, the “Early Bird” ticket is priced at USD100 and the official ticket is priced at USD200.

The Rolling Youth Film Festival is going to become part of one of the top film festivals in Asia and the world. More details about the festival’s partners, committee members, sessions, etc. are coming soon. Please stay tuned!

About ATTA

ATTA aims to build a next-generation entertainment community for content consumption, discussion and creation that is empowered by ATTA DAO. We strive to create a new generation of the content ecosystem where occupational and professional content creators can realize their ideas, new directors and new content can receive more exposure, and copyrights can be better protected. We believe that the content business, like any other real economies, can achieve a win-win situation only by helping content creators to explore and meet the diverse needs of consumers as much as possible. As we uncover and meet users’ content consumption needs in all aspects, we are dedicated to maximizing the economic value for all stakeholders with a web3-native model. With the core team combining industry veterans with decades of expertise in entertainment and web3 native entrepreneurs, our vision is to supercharge content creators for the continued generation of hitting ideas while maximizing their business value.

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ATTA Protocol

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