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Monthly Report — February 2022

February was certainly a month of turbulence around the world, and we firmly believe that the adoption of web3 will help solve some problems in a centralized Internet and world.

For us at ATTA, February was a month of givebacks, as we focused on bringing benefits and perks to our community by hosting several events. We’ve also achieved several milestones in community development.

May the world peace and here’s our February 2022 Monthly Report. Enjoy.

Major Achievement

We are excited to announce that our Twitter followers have passed 30K, and we are looking forward to reaching 40K next month!

BD & Marketing

Partnered with ZKSpace, and hosted the ATTA X ZKSpace Event in celebration of their anniversary.

  • As we concluded the event, 6K+ users were able to get ZKSpace whitelist and receive ATTA’s exclusive NFT. Additionally, 20 users with the top rankings in invites and activeness in our community got to receive 10 BUSD each

AMA with ZKSpace

  • We hosted an AMA in the telegram community, where ZKSpace attended as the guest speaker to introduce their project and answer questions about their new functions
  • Active users who asked questions during the AMA were able to share 1,000 $ZKS

Partnered with MetaGrail and hosted the ATTA X MetaGrail Whitelisting Event

  • We’re excited to partner with MetaGrail and to initiate this whitelist event. We’ve received a lot of valuable thoughts from the community on our demo video. As we concluded this event, 10 lucky users were able to get 20 USDT each.

Attended Ownership Labs’s Twitter Space in discussion of Crypto Anti-fraud

  • Ambassadors from our Chinese community joined the Twitter Space hosted by Ownership Labs, and had a thoughtful chat with representatives from other projects centered around the topic of Crypto Anti-fraud

Website Update

● Navigation Bar Optimization

● ATTA Main Page Layout Adjustment

● ATTA Main Page text and content Adjustment

● New LOGO display for partner organizations

● New Advisor Information display

● Several bugs fixed

Community Development & Event

Created Multiple telegram groups for other languages

We value diversity, and with the help from our global ambassadors, we have created telegram groups for other languages, so users who come from the same region can chat in the language that they’re most comfortable with. Be sure to join the group with your preferred language if you have not done so!







Hosted the Red Pocket Event in celebration of Lunar New Year

  • During Lunar New Year, users who sent blessings in our Discord Chinese Channel had the opportunity to share $100 red pocket

Hosted the 1st ATTA #DreamMaker Emoji Command Contest

  • The contest is still ongoing in our discord channel, be sure to join! Top 20 winners will be able to share 200 USDT

About ATTA

ATTA is dedicated to building an entertainment metaverse where everyone can create, connect and earn. With create and social at its core, ATTA aims to bring users a brand-new experience in its ecosystem, where creators can achieve self-realization and players can meet social needs through entertainment while earning rewards and incentives. ATTA collaborates with leading platforms including Binance NFT, Element, BAZHUAYU, and Poizon App etc. For more information, visit:

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