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Monthly Report — January 2022

First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year! We hope that everyone had a chance to celebrate this festival and got to spend some time with their family.

ATTA also accomplished several major milestones this month and we would like to share this excitement with our community members.

Below is ATTA Metaverse January Monthly Report to conclude this fruitful month. Check it out!

Major Achievement — DreamMaker Metaverse Updates

Announced three major updates on DreamMaker Metaverse

Update I: DreamMaker Demo Video Release

  • We’re proud to release our very first product demo video — ATTA DreamMaker Metaverse.
  • DreamMaker is ATTA’s flagship product, with the ultimate goal of constructing an open and accessible metaverse for all content creators to unleash their creativity. In DreamMaker, everyone has an opportunity to live a “Second Life” and become stars, directors, screenwriters, or actors while realizing dreams by showing his/her creations.

Update II: New ATTA Logo

  • Following the release of our demo video, we released a brand-new Logo, which underscores our commitment in BUIDLing an open and accessible entertainment metaverse for all.

Update III: Bond-Binding 3D Assets

  • As we’ve announced the first two updates, we’ve also introduced our powerful Bone-Binding 3D avatar generator, which is part of the Editor, a core component of DreamMaker
  • DreamMaker Avatar will serve as an entry ticket to the entire metaverse where you are enabled to participate in various activities in entertainment, such as concerts, festivals, co-creation of films and videos etc.

BD & Marketing

Announced official partnership with Galler NFT

  • We’re partnering with Galler NFT to release our DreamMaker avatar, which can be used in several events in the metaverse, such as concerts and festivals.

AMA with Trippy Gelato NFT

  • We hosted an AMA in the discord community, where Trippy Gelato NFT attended as the guest speaker to introduce their project and answer questions on their upcoming NFT launch
  • Active users who asked questions during the AMA were able to share 10WL & 200U provided by Trippy Gelato NFT

Hosted a Gleam Campaign on Twitter

  • With the release of DreamMaker Metaverse Demo video, we hosted a Gleam Campaign, where 50 users got to share 500 USDT.

Remarkable progress on the Scout Project

  • Since the commencement of the Scout Project, many active users have signed up for the program. We appreciate your passion and support for our project. Until now, 40+ ambassadors are onboard and have made huge contributions to our development.

Website Updates

  • Navigation Bar Optimization
  • ATTA Main Page Layout Adjustment
  • ATTA Main Page text and content Adjustment
  • New LOGO display for partner organizations
  • New Advisor Information display
  • Several bugs fixed

Community Event

With the progress we have made in the development of DreamMaker and the release of our demo video, we’ve hosted several community events to give back to our community. We could not have achieved such rapid growth without the support and love from our community members.

ATTA Demo Q&A Challenge

  • In celebration of our demo video release, we hosted a Q&A challenge in Telegram.
  • Users needed to watch the DreamMaker Metaverse Demo Video and take a quiz in Telegram on the content presented in the video. The top 30 users were able to receive 5U each

Discord Activeness and Invitation Event

  • We hosted a Activeness and Invitation event in our discord community. All participants who actively chatted in or invited friends to the community had the opportunity to win rewards. Rewards were distributed based on participant’s activeness and invites rankings.

Telegram Brainstorming Event

  • As DreamMaker will operate in DAO, we hosted a DAO empowered DreamMaker brainstorming event in our telegram community.
  • Users were asked to chat about DreamMaker in the community around topics like “How would a DAO created by creators, of creators and for creators be like?”, and “What is your vision for the development of this entertainment metaverse?”

About ATTA

ATTA is dedicated to building an entertainment metaverse where everyone can create, connect and earn. With create and social at its core, ATTA aims to bring users a brand-new NFT experience in its ecosystem, where creators can achieve self-realization and players can meet social needs through entertainment while earning rewards and incentives. ATTA collaborates with leading platforms including Binance NFT, Element, BAZHUAYU, and Poizon App etc. For more information, visit:

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