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SOLD OUT: ATTA x Smile Angel Foundation Childhood Fantasy Mystery Box

We’re excited to announce that our Childhood Fantasy Mystery Boxes were sold out within an hour on Binance NFT.

Together with Binance Charity, part of the sales will be donated to the Smile Angel Foundation to support children born with clefts and their families.

Thank you all for your kindness and your donation, your donation will be permanently recorded on the blockchain.

Now is time for Unboxing!

You can redeem real-world benefits after collecting certain set of NFTs, so be sure to open your Mystery Box and get the chance to redeem for rewards!

1. All Mystery Box purchasers: will receive a special “ATTA X Smile Angel” donation certificate NFT

2. Collect all SSR+R NFTs: win one “ATTA X Smile Angel” Special Angel NFT, with which you can go to to redeem VIP tickets for three “Smile Angel Special Concerts” (planned performers including but not limited to Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues, Miserable Faith and Muma band, etc., limited to 100 UIDs)

3. Collect 2 different SSR NFTs: win one large-size signature version of digital inkjet created by young artists (limited to 10 UIDs)

4. Collect “Sui Bian” SSR NFT: win one limited-edition “Sui Bian” T-shirt + one “Sui Bian” digital inkjet (limited to 300 UIDs)

5. Collect all R NFTs: win a limited-edition “Snow Kid” T-shirt + any R NFT digital inkjet (limited to 300 UIDs)

6. Collect any R and four different N items: win one hardcopy of any NFT included in the box (limited to 200 UIDs)

7. Collect 5 different N items: win one illustrator-designed canvas bag (limited to 200 UIDs)

8. Collect 4 different N items: win one “Xi Diao” Tibetan Incense by Smile Angel (limited to 200 UIDs)

9. Collect 3 different N items: win one “Xiao Te” Smile Angel 15-year Anniversary Bag (limited to 200 UIDs)

Note: Redemption details will follow in upcoming announcements. NFTs used in the redemption will not be burned.

How to redeem:
1. Users to send UID, location and proof of collection to
2. ATTA to host the lucky draw and finalize the list of lucky users. Binance to airdrop limited-edition NFTs
3. ATTA to confirm contact and address for lucky users in Mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Macau to ship physical rewards
4. Lucky users with limited-edition NFTs to redeem unique perks and benefits on ATTA website

More details regarding redeeming for benefits and rewards will be released, please stay tuned!

About ATTA

ATTA is a blockchain-based content creator for premium copyright assets and has joined Binance NFT 100 Creators. By focusing on music, movies, esports, charity and celebrity IPs, ATTA aims to introduce best-in-class assets with exclusive rights and benefits to collectors worldwide, and open a two-way door to the metaverse by converging the physical and the digital. ATTA products are available on leading platforms including Binance NFT, Element, BAZHUAYU, and Poizon App etc. For more information, visit:

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