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Upcoming Drop on FLOW 12/8: TYLOO IEM Exclusive NFT

We are excited to announce that we will be launching the “TYLOO IEM Exclusive NFT” on BAZHUAYU at 8pm (UTC+8) on December 8.

The TYLOO exclusive NFTs not only commemorate TYLOO’s championship run in the 2021 Intel Extreme Masters(IEM), but also act as a membership pass to the TYLOO fan club. Holders will have the opportunity to win TYLOO-themed gaming chairs, jerseys, keyboards, mouse pads, signed photos, token airdrops, etc. TYLOO fan club will soon join ATTA Dream Maker, an entertainment metaverse where everyone can participate and a Game+Social ecosystem for players and creators. More details of the ATTA Metaverse will be unveiled soon.

TYLOO IEM EXCLUSIVE NFT contains the exciting kill moments of the five members of the team in the IEM tournament, limited to one version per person, 9.8FLOW and 100 editions each. All collectors of this NFT will have the opportunity to redeem TYLOO’s exclusive rights and benefits.

Drop details:

Details on benefits and redemption rules are as follows:


01 Redemption Period:2021/12/10 12:00–2021/12/15 12:00 (UTC+8)

02 How to Redeem:Join Telegram group, contact the admins and provide a proof of purchase

03 Each purchase address is limited to ONE benefit only, on a first come, first served basis. If multiple users contact the admins at the same time,the order will be based on the purchase time.

04 All physical items will be shipped within 7 workdays after redemption closes; ATTA Metaverse Gift Packs will be distributed upon DreamMaker’s launch

05 All physical items are available for shipment only in the Greater China region (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan);ATTA Metaverse Gift Packs are for non-Greater China users ONLY

06 Official Community:

telegram ENG:@attaofficialeng1;telegram CN:@attaofficialcn1

07 All rights reserved by ATTA

About ATTA

ATTA is dedicated to building an entertainment metaverse where everyone can create, play and earn. With Game+Social at its core, ATTA aims to bring users a brand-new NFT experience in its ecosystem, where creators can achieve self-realization and players can meet social needs through entertainment while earning rewards and incentives. ATTA collaborates with leading platforms including Binance NFT, Element, BAZHUAYU, and Poizon App etc. For more information, visit:

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A Web3 OGC+PUGC Content Protocol Powered by ATTA DAO

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ATTA Protocol

ATTA Protocol

A Web3 OGC+PUGC Content Protocol Powered by ATTA DAO

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