Female Founders are Killing IT in Boston!

But something is still MISSING for US

It is a new year! As a female founder I have a deep appreciation for helping other lady bosses get the job done and reaching their dreams. Love seeing the announcements of new funds focused on women, programs focused on women and seeing new companies being founded by women. It is one of the main reasons why I am excited to work with Beth Santos on something special for female founders in Boston.

Beth Santos and myself find ourselves still looking for other founders we can connect with but want less programmed activities. obligation that we have to participate in month after month. We both agree that we don’t have the time but need it to stay sane. Brainstorming over ice-cream and smoothies we decided we needed to create #Atthetable is an initiative focused on bringing together female founders from different industries to build community, strength and resources.


  • To engage Boston-area female founders in productive, mutually beneficial dialogue.
  • To provide a forum for female founders in the Boston area to help each other achieve success in their businesses by leveraging their unique strengths
  • To create a safe space for female founders to share concerns and challenges in a supportive community of likeminded women

We kick it off next month with the announcement of our Community Partners to be revealed on Beth’s blog →@maximumbeth. Can’t wait to share more details on the dates and maybe the founders joining us :)! Want to join in on the fun? We want to connect with partners, founders or hosts in Boston.

Cheers to 2018!