Rica Elysee
Feb 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Since launching #AtTheTable we’ve met a lot of great possible partners. Learning on the ground has given us a chance to see what companies and organizations can offer in terms of resources and support. Of course, our most important priority is to creating a dynamic and authentic experience for the female founders joining us at our table.

That being said, carving out great partnerships can be key to growing our community effectively. That’s why great partners are important to us.

If you’d like to partner with #AtTheTable, here are some simple ground rules and opportunities for companies and organizations to join us as we continue to grow :

1. Be a host

Provide short-term space, dinner and refreshments for 12–16 female founders, plus we’ll invite you and a colleague to join us for some impactful conversation.

2. Offer free services or perks to female founders and their teams

We’re assembling a great guide for female founders in Boston and you can be part of it. We do NOT allow sales presentations of any kind. This is all about finding real and useful ways we can help each other.

3. Share the application link

We’re always looking for other female founders in Boston to join us at our table, especially minority and differently abled women. Help us build a dynamic, authentic table every time by sharing the application with an awesome woman entrepreneur you know.

4. Spotlight our female founders or #AtTheTable on your platform

Help spread the word using your own voice in a publication, radio, TV, blog, Twitter, Facebook, whatever inspires you. Spotlight one of our female founders, or just talk about the #AtTheTable movement in general.

5. Volunteer as a mentor

Many of the women who are joining us #AtTheTable are asking for mentorship. We hope to build a great mentor directory for our female founders to help each other. Volunteer your time as a mentor and stay connected with other female founders in and around Boston.

6. Host a special edition breakfast

With so much excitement around #AtTheTable dinners, we’ve decided to launch a similar series — this time just focusing on breakfast. Expect 12 women who each share a common theme to meet for breakfast and good conversation. Ask us about how to host one or a series of these monthly breakfasts.

7. Stay tuned for more initiatives

We’ve got so much more launching in 2019. Stay tuned for announcements coming soon by subscribing to us on Medium or subscribing to our email list.


Connecting and activating female founders.

Rica Elysee

Written by

Founder & CEO of @BeautyLynk and Co-Founder of @atthetablehq


Connecting and activating female founders.

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