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Attrace <> DeSpace

Attrace is partnering with DeSpace to bring exciting NFT drops for promoting!

The Attrace team is pleased to announce a partnership with DeSpace, a top-class DeFi and NFT navigation tool which is powered by their own Layer-2 innovative solution. The collaboration aims to solve many of the common DeFi and NFT end-user problems, including lack of information, market fragmentation and the market turning its back on low-budget users.

DeSpace is building the next-generation structure to access DeFi and NFT deals in the most cost-efficient, intuitive, and remunerated way. Attrace is harnessing the massive power of referral campaigns to spread the word of the Top NFT Drops, NFT aggregations (once DeSpace’s NFT aggregator goes live) and Staking programs, rewarding anyone who wants to participate.

All parties are invited. You will get rewarded whether as a crypto investor wanting to mint some NFTs in a Drop, as a NFT buyer, or as a Staker. And if you don’t have a crypto-budget to invest, the referral campaigns will enable you to earn rewards by spreading the word of your favorite Drops and NFTs without investing: just promote and start growing your crypto portfolio with us. Stay tuned to our and DeSpace’s channels since best promoters will get access to special deals and benefits.

The partnership with DeSpace is an unprecedented chance to be an early participant in a long-term program that will build the bridges to connect the best NFT deals with the whole crypto community, rewarding both buyers and promoters with DES and ATTR. The earlier you join this unstoppable force, the higher rewards you will receive. In addition, you’ll be eligible for future prizes to our most loyal and successful participants.

You will be able to get more information about this exciting partnership in the AMAs, which will soon be available to the Attrace and DeSpace communities. Stay tuned to our channels!

About DeSpace

DeSpace Protocol is the most advanced DeFi and NFT navigation tool to date. We empower users with a range of DeFi and NFT products from around the crypto ecosystem, including our own products, all from a single interface. DeSpace is supported by DeChain, our Layer-2 blockchain solution that connects the disparate chains and allows easy transactions across several bridges. Every time a user transacts, they are rewarded with DES, our native token which also unlocks a massive amount of utility within the platform.

DeSpace takes the best of DeFi and NFTs and combines them into a single, easy-to-use platform that rewards users.

Learn more about DeSpace Protocol

💥Website | 💥Telegram Community | 💥Telegram Announcements | 💥Twitter

About Attrace

Attrace verifies user acquisition via third parties. These verifications are done by Referral Oracles. Such a verification process makes it possible to participate in trustless performance-based marketing across ecosystems and blockchains in Web3.0, addressing all the gaps in the Web3 referral marketing space. On top of the Referral Network the team has built the first referral marketplace to showcase the network. Attrace is currently live on Ethereum and Polygon, and supports (cross chain) referrals for IDO’s, Liquidity and Staking Pools, as well as NFT Drops referral campaigns, with direct NFT sale referrals to follow soon.

The agnostic network will progressively integrate all the major smart chain networks to eventually become a standard for Web3 marketing in the crypto space.

Find us here!
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium



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