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Attrace partners with SportsIcon

Attrace partners with SportsIcon to spread awareness for the most promising NFT sports club

Attrace is excited to announce a partnership with SportsIcon, a rising star in the NFT market. SportsIcon is developing something unparalleled: the opportunity for sports fans to own a part of their icons’ story through unique NFT collections around famous sport stars, for example Romelu Lukaku and Mike Vick. The Attrace team is supporting SportsIcon in their goal to become globally known by all sport fans, with the unique opportunity to get a little closer to their Icons.

The collaboration suggests an opportunity for strong synergy: SportsIcon will be providing unique rewards which will be rolled out cross-chain by the network agnostic Attrace referrals, with added Attrace rewards on top. The most committed Lions (from the Lion Club) and best referral promoters will get the most rewards.

Since there is a strong belief this will be the start of a long term collaboration between Attrace and SportIcon, SportIcon will be unleashing the full power of Attrace in three amazing surprises for the community:

  1. An exciting competition. Attrace and SportsIcon will run a competition open to everybody willing to join. The rules are simple: Make the SportsIcon Lions club name be heard in all the NFT crypto space, by referring to their OpenSea unique Lions collection. This will be an easy task since the SportsIcon club has unique benefits that every sports fan would love to have. Also, what should help is that your referral experience will be more seamless than ever before: Attrace will be using the recently launched cross-chain Polygon/ETH referrals, so minting your link will be almost zero gas. For more details stay tuned — they will be announced in the next AMA.
  2. New NFT Drops on Eth. SportsIcon will be launching exclusive referral campaigns using cross-chain referrals, so you can earn rewards while spreading word of the exciting sportive drops coming on the ETH chain.
  3. Flow integration. Attrace aims to become a universal standard for Referral Marketing, which requires progressively integrating the Attrace referrals network with other major networks. The Attrace team believes, along with SportsIcon, that Flow Blockchain could become one of the hottest places for NFT action. Once Flow integration is completed, Attrace will also support referral campaigns for the exclusive Flow NFT Drops that SportsIcon will release.

So stay tuned to our channels. This is a unique opportunity to be an early participant of the next big thing after NBA TOP SHOT success.

About SportsIcon

Connect with the greatest sportspeople of all time through NFTs. For the first time in history, you can own or trade part of your Icon’s story.

Learn more about SportsIcon:

🏀 Website | 🏀 Telegram Community | 🏀 Instagram| 🏀 Twitter

About Attrace

Attrace essentially verifies user acquisition via third parties. Verification happens via the Attrace Referral Oracles. Such a verification process makes it possible to participate in trustless performance-based marketing across ecosystems and blockchains in Web3.0, addressing all the gaps in the Web3 referral marketing space. On top of the Network, Attrace has built the first referral marketplace Attrace is currently live on Ethereum and Polygon, and supports (cross chain) referrals for IDO’s, Liquidity and Staking Pools, as well as NFT Drops referral campaigns, with direct NFT sale referrals to follow soon. The agnostic network will progressively integrate all the major smart chain networks to eventually become a standard for Web3 marketing in the crypto space.

Find us here!

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