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FaceMelter’s AMA recap

Recap of the Attrace AMA hosted by FaceMelters

Host: I want to give a big welcome to @nklstvnvc who is joining us for this *Ask Me Anything* event.

It’s great to have you with us today Nikola. Excited to find out the details of how Attrace is revolutionising referrals.

Nikola Stevanovic: Thanks a lot for having me! It’s exciting to be here.

Host: Okay… So…we will have 3 parts to the AMA.

The first part the group will be frozen and we will get a high level feel for the project. The second section I have selected 5 questions from twitter to be answered by the team & finally I will open to the community for live questions.

Nikola Stevanovic:

Ok sounds great


To begin with it would be great if you could give us a short overview of your own history and your role within Attrace?

Nikola Stevanovic:

Sure, I have been with Attrace for the past year and a half in charge of Product and Strategy. Have a background in economics and finance and have been involved in Product Management for the past 10 years.


Excellent, thanks for your introduction. 👌

Lets move into Attrace, it’s what we are all here for

To kick things off can you give us a high level overview of the Attrace project? What is the project’s vision? How has platform usage been since the referral network went live?

Nikola Stevanovic:

Sure, just a bit about Attrace to begin with…

Attrace aims to create a trustless and fair referral ecosystem for Web3. Doing this means capturing the value of on-chain promotion and verifying referrals in a trustless manner (performance based marketing in Web3). Attrace will be able to facilitate all referrals that lead to a blockchain transaction, regardless whether the referral itself happens through a communication via Web2 (i.e. Twitter, Websites), Web3 channels or via Metaverse.

Ultimately, the Attrace Team seeks to become a DAO, where all the decisions related to the network are made by the community and the network users.

Since Attrace went live in July, Attrace launched the first IDO and Liquidity pool referrals on Ethereum and Polygon and since this week NFT drop referrals. So far Attrace has launched 8 referrals without much of a marketing push yet, so these were mostly the test cases. We were pleased to see that even though we had to educate the audience about a new marketing methodology, the concept has been getting a lot of interest.


Wow, it’s refreshing to see projects with a nice niche in the industry. I haven’t come across many like Attrace. I think I first seen it through Dfyn & Router protocol

Nikola Stevanovic:

Yes those were the referrals which were facilitated via Attrace network.


Could you give us a few examples of referrals that could be set up?Creating a DAO that operates effectively would be huge for the projects future

Nikola Stevanovic:

Yes, right now we have live IDO, LP and NFT Drop referrals on our referral dApp


Excellent, thanks for the honest response

Nikola Stevanovic:

Absolutely agree, and also one of the reasons why we have it as one of our major goals.


So let’s take the IDO for example. How is the pool set up & what are the rewards to the user

Nikola Stevanovic:

It all starts with a project which creates a referral for their IDO. Project deposits a bounty in their native tokens to encourage promoters to spread the word and bring in new participants to the IDO.

Promoters can discover and choose this IDO referral within Attrace Referral dApp and they can get their unique referral link which they share with their audience.

Participants follow the link shared by the Promoter and become eligible to earn bounty if they take part in the IDO.

The bounties are then rewarded to promoters that are helping projects to get more users and to participants as a bonus for their participation.


Excellent, it is a unique idea & I can see how it can add to other marketing existing activities.

NFT is a big buzz word nowadays, can you talk us through the NFT drops. I assume that works in a similar way relating to Minting?

Nikola Stevanovic:

Yes we see a lot of opportunities with this approach.

The Attrace vision is that eventually the Attrace Network will be able to support NFT Projects to achieve their goal of acquiring users via promoters throughout their roadmap journey from launch, with the NFT minting towards the larger token distribution. Support of referrals of NFT Drops is the first step towards achieving that vision. There is a lot of promotional activity which happens before the NFT Drops and we found this to be a perfect opportunity and use case of having referrals facilitated by Attrace. With Attrace, those that help projects spread the word about their NFT Drop event will be rewarded in cryptocurrencies for the value they bring to the project.

The setup process is similar to what I explained for the IDOs- it is just that this time the promotion is around the NFT drop event and the participants can also earn a bounty by taking part in that NFT drop.


Also do you have an Attrace referral pool setup for use of the platform for example?

OK, that’s interesting 🚀🎯

Nikola Stevanovic:

There will be a strong incentive program in ATTR for promoters which will be also earning as part of the referral pool in the future.

More on this will be announced in the coming weeks



Are there competitors out there?

Nikola Stevanovic:

So far we haven’t seen much of a competition in Web3.0 space with specific focus on referrals and acquiring users via promoters. Definitely not through a trustless verification of referrals.



Gem alert 😉

Okay & what can you tell us about the security of the system…

Nikola Stevanovic:

It is important to understand that with Attrace the security and trust is with the Verifier Network and the plan is to make the network public and available for everyone in the coming months. Once the network becomes public the $ATTR holders will be able to contribute to the security and trust of the Verifier Network by operating a node and staking $ATTR as a guarantee of that security and trust.


Okay, thank you for making that clear to the community.

Okay, I’m going to move to twitter section next. It’s becoming a grilling haha

Is there anything else you would like to share in this section

Nikola Stevanovic:

Great let’s do it 🙂


Q1 comes in from Jarodkuat

You maximize $ATTR in 3 networks Uniswap, Sushiswap, Dfyn why only 3 networks? Are you going to take advantage of the BSC network, Avax and the new network on XRP of course🤩

Q1-Nikola Stevanovic:

In terms of listing, $ATTR is currently on 3 DEXs on Ethereum and Polygon. We are looking to expand to BSC in the future, which will also be announced pretty soon.

In terms of referrals, there is no limitation to what networks can be supported via Attrace network since Attrace is blockchain agnostic and can support any network in future. Therefore, the aim is to definitely scale and support more networks in future, like some of those mentioned. Would also add Solana, IMX, and Flow as potential candidates.



Q2 comes in from Jet Darat

What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily??

Q2- Nikola Stevanovic:

Our plans are to grow our community, especially the project ambassadors who will help us to onboard more community members and educate them about what Attrace is all about. Also, we will be looking to launch an educational campaign with some of the active influencers in the crypto space, which will help us to reach out to more people and explain the benefits. Awareness would also very likely improve with every Project and or Promoter using the referral network, which is also a reason why Attrace spends a lot of time focusing on strong partnerships.

Q3 comes in from Gacor

“Low Liquidity” is one of the most important problems that a project needs to solve. How will #attrace team reward liquidity providers for facilitating the resolution of these issues?

Q3- Nikola Stevanovic:

Attrace is looking to incentivise liquidity provision on DEXs where $ATTR is listed by running a liquidity farming incentive program. This is something which will be announced very soon and it will give a reason to provide more liquidity to ATTR liquidity pools.

Additionally, Attrace team will be setting up referral programs to incentivise promotion of those liquidity and farming pools. This is how the other projects can utilise Attrace to attract more liquidity. This way with the help of promoters Attrace as well as the projects will be able to reach out to more people that would also be incentivised to participate by adding liquidity.

Q4 comes in from RafidPanca

Community support is one of ``the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does Attrace currently have specific plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Q4- Nikola Stevanovic:

Absolutely, the plan is to grow our community, especially the community of promoters. So far we have grown our community only organically, but we will focus more on marketing in the next several months. As part of those efforts, we will get a number of ambassadors who will help us to onboard more community members and educate them about what Attrace is all about.

Additionally, we will put a strong focus on growing our promoters community by providing a large incentive program in $ATTR for promoters to bring in users to the projects over time. This way promoters will receive a future stake in the Web3 referral ecosystem. Also, we are looking to get our promoters more engaged in future by introducing gamification to our referral dApp with promoter leaderboard and NFT avatars as rewards.

Finally Q5 comes in from Mohamed

I read in your website that Attrace is a referral protocol for crypto assets . Every other projects pays for their users to promote the project what is the difference between all these projects and ATTRACE that with attract the investors to invest in ATTRACE?

Q5- Nikola Stevanovic: The difference is that Attrace network enables performance based rewards where the promoters are rewarded in crypto based on the actual results. Currently promotions of those projects are run based on fixed rewards, which mostly comes at the expense of the project — also at the expense of promoters with an audience that actually converts. Furthermore, what we have seen is that projects are utilising promoters within their own communities/ecosystem. Attrace is looking to nurture and channel the cross community promotion of the entire Web3 ecosystem. $ATTR will ultimately represent the value of the referral and affiliate marketing ecosystem in Web3. You can think of it as a portion of the total market cap of the referral marketing budget in crypto.



Okay we will be opening the group in just a minute. Get your questions prepared…


Excellent, thanks so much for all your detailed responses thus far

Grab your coffee cup for section 3 Nikola.

Nikola Stevanovic:

Hope I answered all the questions 🙂

Will do — thanks!


Very accurately with good detail. We appreciate that here.

Live questions

Okay let’s get this. Please choose final 5 questions from live community section

Live question 1:

For most people, the main focus of any crypto community is on the price of the token. When prices go up, people are happy, when they go down, people start to leave.

Q.) What is the $ATTR team’s plan to strengthen and grow a loyal community, and how do you trust it as an investor?

Nikola Stevanovic:

Attrace has been focused on the organic growth and building a strong product which will add value to the Web3 ecosystem. Unlike most crypto projects which delay the release go with large marketing and then try to find a protocol market fit, Attrace has taken a different route of going after the protocol market fit in the early days. Team has proven that it can deliver since 2018 and that should give enough confidence to the investors. We believe that the loyalty will be reached with the product adoption.

Live question 2

I’ve sees Attrace Network is trying to doing something that hasn’t yet been done by other. Could you expand on what you are doing and how it is different from what has been done before? Are we going to see even more satisfying new developments in the near future?

Thanks @nklstvnvc

Nikola Stevanovic:

Trustless referrals and capturing the on chain value of promotions for web3. It is a totally innovative approach of performance based marketing in Web3

Live question 3:

Please provide more information on your ROADMAP. What are the most anticipated plans and events for the next few days and months that we should be aware of?

Nikola Stevanovic

Next big milestone is opening up the Network of Verifier Oracles to the public where the token holders will be able to run those Oracles and join the trustless referral ecosystem. This will come in the next few months and will be announced soon.

Additionally, Attrace wants to pay special attention to Metaverse in future. In our view, Metaverse will be a place where people will spend their lives but also transact with each other directly on blockchain. This will bring opportunities to advertise and promote in this space via banners, shops or venues, where those who decide to take action using the referral link can also be rewarded. This is where Attrace will be able to facilitate the referrals by capturing their value and verifying them in a trustless manner.

Live question 4

Where can I buy your tokens now, where is are your current contracts address. And, when it available on any exchange?

Nikola Stevanovic:

You can find the information here:

Live question 5

I think the community is really important for this project. So what are the events your team prepares to attract new people to Attrace community?

Does Attrace project have special events such as giveaways, airdrops, ambassadors, or prize events?

Nikola Stevanovic:

Absolutely, we are trying to engage our community to participate in the referrals around ATTR token (to be announced soon) but also with partners which use Attrace. There are many planned giveaways and airdrops for our community members and ambassadors planned.


Excellent, I can’t say we have timed a session better & kept it at a good pace

We really appreciate your time today Nikola

Before you leave us please share some key links

Nikola Stevanovic:

Thanks a lot- it was a pleasure being here!


I think we will be seeing & hearing quite a lot about Attrace in the future. I get a good gut feeling

Nikola Stevanovic:

Here are some key links:

Sushiswap Contract Address

Uniswap Contract Address:

DFYN (Polygon) Address:





AMA is concluded. Best of luck to the Attrace team.

Nikola Stevanovic:

Thanks a lot! Great questions and session 🙂




Unlock the value of ‘word of mouth’ marketing in web3. Recommend crypto or NFT and earn rewards from referral farms.

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