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Happy 2022! & 2021 Recap

Dear All,

What a year 2021 has been!

In 2021 Attrace:

  • Went live with a revised proposition, from the in-house developed blockchain to the Referral Protocol for any crypto asset on any third party blockchain, a completely new methodology for referrals to anticipate the rise of Web3;
  • Launched the Protocol with an IDO in July, promoted via the world’s first trustless IDO referrals;
  • Listed the Attrace token $ATTR on Uniswap, Sushiswap and DFYN;
  • Rolled out the Protocol for other projects and creators e.g. Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, NFT drops etc.;
  • Closed many collaborations with other Projects and Promoters, most of which will become visible in Q1;
  • Rolled out towards the second network, Polygon, which also meant the launch of the world’s first cross-chain trustless referrals;
  • Passed a first milestone of more than 1000 Participants “observed”;
  • Managed to get the Attrace token $ATTR onto the Onsen Farming on SushiSwap;
  • Completed the Staking rewards structure, which will be rolled out next week, eventually enabling anyone to run Verifier Nodes with healthy long term incentives that will push Attrace forwards towards becoming a DAO;
  • Completed the Binance Smart Chain bridge (to be rolled out in Q1).

2021 was the year of developing a new methodology for referrals in Web3, getting the basics live and obtaining first traction to confirm product-market fit.

2022 will be the year of Web3 and SocialFi, which is exactly where Attrace will fit in.

Attrace is now perfectly positioned to unlock the value of word of mouth marketing in Web3”.

2022 will be very exciting for marketing in Web3!

We wish everybody a fantastic New Year!

Very best,

Attrace team



Unlock the value of ‘word of mouth’ marketing in web3. Recommend crypto or NFT and earn rewards from referral farms.

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