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Attrace is launching with Sponsored Referral Farms — Nominate a token you believe in.

Nominate a token you believe in for free “word-of-mouth” promotion!

With the upcoming referral farms, anyone can earn rewards from recommending crypto or NFT, performance based in a trustless manner.

Attrace Referral Farm, whose launch is planned for Q2, will allow token holders to nominate and vote on the crypto tokens and NFTs that would be rewarded with $ATTR for the successful referrals. Before the Attrace Referral Farm is delivered, the single referral farms will be launched within the Mask extension on Twitter, and the Attrace team is planning to kickstart the single referral farms by providing rewards in $ATTR. To achieve this, the Attrace team and community will decide on 5 crypto tokens to sponsor the rewards.

What are Referral Farms and how do they work?

Referral Farming is similar to yield farming, but the user will be rewarded for successful referrals (instead of providing liquidity). Any project or protocol can start a referral farm and dedicate a daily budget to promote its token.The moment a promoter is joining this farm, and successfully onboards a buyer for this token, the daily budget is divided over these two players.

Details Referral Farm Token Nomination

Attrace is planning to include its community in the decision making process as we move towards a self-governed ecosystem, and ultimately a DAO.

About Attrace

Attrace is a trustless Referral Protocol operated by Oracles capable of observing and detecting referrals across the blockchain universe. The protocol empowers “word-of-mouth” marketing for web3 assets in a trustless and decentralized manner, by linking promotions (e.g. referral links) with the on-chain user activity (blockchain transactions). Furthermore, it connects communities across various blockchains and platforms within a single ecosystem by supporting the multi-chain and cross chain referral capabilities.


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