Here’s how to become a promoter of Liquidity Pools and earn yield without allocating any capital

Aug 20 · 5 min read

Attrace allows users to promote tokenized assets in a trustless, decentralised manner and receive bounties for the people who join through them. This Web3 based promotion works via the referrals (read: promotions) facilitated by the Attrace Referral Network.

Attrace recently announced the launch of the Attrace Referral Program for IDOs. This offering will now be expanded to the next use case — the first Web3-native referrals for LIQUIDITY POOLS. Projects are often faced with the issue of not having enough liquidity on decentralized exchanges. With Attrace, finally there is a solution to improve the liquidity of a project. For you as a potential promoter of these liquidity pools, the proposition could be considered particularly appealing:

  • You can promote to earn yield on liquidity pools without having to allocate any capital yourself.
  • Trustless referral tracking: Any lead you generate is guaranteed allocated to you; technically, this cannot go wrong.
  • There are no cookies or fingerprinting.
  • Commission payments are guaranteed, triggered by the network of the independent Attrace Verifier Nodes, as the commissions to be paid are already locked in advance.

This article will give you all the necessary know-how to become a promoter via the Attrace Liquidity Pool Referral Program, so you can promote liquidity pools, and in case of success, earn yield on those liquidity pools without having to allocate any capital yourself. All in a decentralized and trustless manner.

Here is how to get started:

Start by heading over to the Attrace Referral Marketplace,

You will find all promotions on the front page.

If you select “start promoting” you will arrive on a page where you can see the promotions available per individual network. By selecting the network in the top menu(currently Ethereum and Polygon with BSC and others to follow soon) in the top menu you can see what’s available where.

Below is an example of an overview of Liquidity Pools that you can choose to promote.

By selecting an individual liquidity pool referral (promotion) you can find the details:

Concerning commissions

There is a total bounty rate — in this example 5% PER MONTH (79.6% annualised) — which is the total monthly bounty to be allocated to both the promoter (you) and the buyer / liquidity provider (the person you are informing about the option to provide liquidity to this pool).

In this example:

  • 2.5% per month promoter’s commission on any liquidity you bring in via your referrals (promotions). This means 34.5% annualised return on a liquidity pool you did not invest in yourself.
  • 2.5% per month additional commission for liquidity provided by the buyer / liquidity provider. This means you can offer your audience an additional 34.5% annualised return on a liquidity pool your buyers will contribute to. That should help you to get traction!

The total bounty budget is the current budget from the liquidity pool seller (token that wants to see a liquidity pool to grow). That budget is LOCKED and guaranteed already.

  • Note 1: In the case a Bounty Budget turns out to be insufficient because of huge success, the seller will add additional bounty to your referral/promotion program before your campaign has ended.
  • Note 2: If by the end of the month a bounty is insufficient to compensate all referrals and there is no top-up, the bounty that is available will be automatically allocated pro-rata to all participants. Likely this will not happen as it would of course be very damaging to the reputation and future liquidity pools of the project.

Remaining registration period and promotion period

In the top left you will find the remaining registration period.

Every referral project has a registration and a promotion period.

  • Registration period is the period where promoters can sign up. Once this period has ended it is no longer possible anymore to become a promoter for that LP in that specific period.
  • Promotion period is the time you have as a promoter to promote the selected LP.

Connecting your MetaMask wallet

To be able to promote a LP you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet. Make sure MetaMask is set to the correct network — Ethereum if your project is Ethereum-based and Polygon if you are building on Polygon.

Once you have connected your wallet you can confirm the variables of the promotion. Your wallet will be then able to mint your personal referral (promotion) links.

Note: You now see there is no ATTR fee required to participate as a promoter. In the future, a promoter may have to pay a (very small) minting fee for the referral for two reasons: First, to demonstrate commitment to actually undertake the promotion; and second, because you as a promoter are given the option to obtain a decent yield in a liquidity pool without (!) having to allocate any capital. The latter is particularly valuable and should perhaps be paid for, especially in a future DAO environment.

For now no need to pay ATTR for your referral link so let’s proceed:

You will then be taken to the page where you can see all projects you are now able to promote:

In this example you have one project you can promote.

Once you select the project, you will be again redirected to the page with the details of the promotion.

Only once the registration period as a promoter has expired will you be able to get/copy your personal referral link, after which you can start promoting.

You can share the referral link you can share anywhere you like, on social channels, via emails, blogs or news websites etc.

We wish you huge success!

About Attrace

Attrace is the first referral marketplace for the Web3 ecosystem. Delivering a decentralized and trustless solution to address gaps in Web3 referral marketing, Attrace currently offers Ethereum and Polygon integrations for IDO’s Liquidity and Staking Pools, with NFT referrals to follow shortly.

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