Getting back into the groove for 2018.

James Doman-Pipe
Jan 5, 2018 · 2 min read

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Happy New Year! It’s been about five months since I sent the last one. I want to set some better habits for 2018, so expect these to be more regular.

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Product Marketing & Growth

Previous Netflix VP Product on what a brand is.

Branding for Builders

By the time I joined Netflix, I had a somewhat nuanced view of how marketing and product should work together: marketing defines the brand and product brings the brand to life by building a great product. Together, the two teams hope to create a world-class brand and product.


Hire a Sales Director straight up to create the “playbook”

Building a repeatable, scalable and profitable growth process

Strategy & Innovation

Why Focus Is Critical to Growing Your Startup, Until It Isn’t

If you have product/market fit in a large market, you should be disincentivized to work on anything outside of securing that market for a very long time.


Think of customer feedback as a system

How 14 products leaders generate and use customer feedback

The only way to have a clear answer to: “is this bit of feedback relevant?” is by considering both the user context and our current product and business goals. If our current goal is expand our MRR by up-selling to customers on paid plan A to plan A+, then feedback from users on the Free plan will not be as relevant. It might be, if we were looking to increase retention or improve satisfaction, for instance.

Attract Interest Desire Action

Product marketing, growth, startups, SaaS, sales, innovation.

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Attract Interest Desire Action

Product marketing, growth, startups, SaaS, sales, innovation.