Ovid’s Metamorphoses, As Told Via Video Game Puppetry

It’s a big weekend ahead, here in NYC. Not only is the New York Asian Film Festival wrapping up (which I spoke about not too long ago), but the Japan Society’s Japan Cuts fully gets underway (which I’ll be talking about in just a few). But also… Game Play is back!

I’ve mentioned The Brick’s intersection of video games and theater over the years. Though it’s been a little while, due to the fact that there was no Game Play festival last summer. But again, it’s making a grand return, one that’s also a bit modest; there are only three performances the time around.

Hey, something is better than nothing, and the 2017 edition kicks off in proper fashion with yet another performance by a long-time festival fave, EK Theater. This year’s production is Orpheus and Eurydice. Here’s a taste…

And here’s the description, via The Brick’s site

Orpheus journeys to the underworld to see if his newly deceased wife Eurydice can be returned to him. “Orpheus and Eurydice” blends puppetry, live theater, and video games such as The Last of Us and COD Black Ops in an act The New York Times has praised as “an impressive feat of engineering, coordination, and storytelling.”

The Times ain’t lying, folks. Cuz the video above does little to properly convey the spectacle that the audience witnesses in person, nor can it really. It’s kinda something else, watching some middle school aged-kid perform a scene from some Roman or Greek poem via some video game, while also catching glimpses of said kid’s fellow actors getting ready for their parts, by setting up whatever character or camera angle in whatever game just right.

Which you can do, tonight at 7PM. The link above has all the additional info you’ll need.

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