Please Enjoy: The Twin Peaks Theme, As It Sounds On A Super Nintendo

Whenever I think of the state of Washington, video games immediately come to mind, and not just cuz of PAX Prime (sorry, PAX West). Which I had to pass on for the second year in a row, and that’s a bummer. There are the games one can find on the show floor, of course, though what I really miss are the Japanese hot dogs one can find on the streets of Seattle (as well as enjoying said Japanese hot dogs with friends).

No, it’s because I grew up in Tacoma, south of Seattle… playing lots and lots of video games. I also watched a lots and lots of TV. So this Nintendo S-SMP (aka the Super Nintendo’s sound chip) driven cover of the theme to Twin Peaks by Peter Berkman (aka of Anamanaguchi fame) really hits the spot.

Never mind that the show was cancelled a few months before the console hit the shelves… am assuming a rendition with the Genesis sound chip would not have sounded as well. Though I think it might work with Audrey’s theme? BTW, I understand season 3 finally wrapped up, which means now is the time download them all and see what the fuss is all about! Especially episode 8…

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