Please Enjoy: This Obligatory Metal Gear Post

A message for everyone on Medium: the following was originally published in the spring of 2013 and makes mention of the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the most recent installment of the Metal Gear saga, a game that serves as the prequel to the MSX original, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary today.

Like oh so many other Metal Gear Solid fanboys out there, I’m beyond hyped for the pending release of The Phantom Pain! Despite the fact that David Hayter will not be doing the voice of Big Boss, let alone how it’s not the part 5 we’ve all wished for, i.e. the Cobra Unit infiltrating Normandy.

Still, am looking forward to all antics we’ve come to know and expect, plus love: sneaking around in cardboard boxes, taking down gigantic mecha, watching 30 minute long cut scenes, and… walking up & down ladders. An integral part of every Metal Gear experience…

Hence the video above, that some denizen of Select Button lovingly crafted:

“This is a tribute to the most stalwart of sentries, colossus in whose shadow the battle of generations rages, the mirror held up to society that reflects back the ugly descent to the next lowest floor or maintenance platform (whichever comes first).”

Originally published on; edits have been made that are Medium specific.

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