So You Wanna Run An Indie Arcade Space In New York City, Huh

Wait, you do want to run an indie arcade in NYC, right? Or are you just interested in hearing from some of New York’s finest, as it pertains to independent game creation?

Then swing by Brooklyn Research this Thursday (that’s August 31st) for BKR.Talks: New York Indie Game! I’ll be on-hand, as moderator, to ask the distinguished panel what it’s like to not only make games in NYC but also what it’s like to figure out ways to get folks to play them as well.

Panelists include Death By Audio Arcade’s Mark Kleback & Nick Santaniello, Charles Pratt of NYU Game Center fame, Killer Queen co-creator Josh Debonis, plus Lauren Gardner & Prash Thapan from Babycastles (yup, my old stomping grounds).

There will also be a presentation from Brooklyn/Tel-Aviv based architect, game-designer and artist Nitzan Bartov. This is a free event, btw. Hence why we were just included in Brokelyn’s list of 10 best cheap things to do this week, dog days of summer edition.

Hope to see some of you there!

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