The Metagame Just Got More Meta

Yet another Kickstarter! This one concerning the Metagame. Perhaps some of you longtime readers out there have either the original incarnation, back when we stocked it in the shop, or Version 1.0, which was also crowdfunded.

Well, The Games Expansion somewhat takes the deck of cards back to its roots, since the latest batch are about games. Though not just video games, but all kinds of games. From hot dog eating contests to… The Running Man?

It’s worth noting that this is the absolute perfect opportunity to get in on the Metagame, especially since the various Kickstarter tiers will allow you to nab the base deck and/or the other expansions real easy peasy like.

And in other news, co-creator Eric Zimmerman also tells me that Flatlands, an installation that he and Nathalie Pozzi collaborated on, and which I commissioned many moons ago as my last thing with Babycastles, recently appeared in Paris! At the Museé des Arts Decoratifs, for the D-Days Design Festival

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