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AtYourGate — Improving Passenger Experience

When we launched AtYourGate we had one goal in mind: to bring the on-demand ordering and delivery experience into the airport to improve passenger experience.

And now, nearly one year in and operating at five airports, we’re glad to say: it’s working!

We recently began measuring our Net Promoter Score® by emailing surveys to our customers the day after they make their first order from the AtYourGate app.

According to researchers (and a quick perusal of, an NPS score of greater than 70 is “world class.”

So, how’d we do?

Our NPS Score (as of this post’s date, results are based on email surveys sent to all of our existing customers, some sent within a day of purchase, and the rest “backfilled” to include customers from day one.)

Needless to say, we’re thrilled with this score. We consider ourselves “customer-obsessed,” and we’re glad to see our commitment to service and hospitality paying off.

Even better, our NPS tool (we’re using Retently and recommend them highly) allows us to collect feedback from our customers after their NPS results are submitted.

Here’s a sample of some of the feedback we’ve collected:

And, this writer’s personal favorite:

(Seriously, if you wrote this give me a call — there’s a marketing position open.)

Just for fun, we took these comments and popped them into a word cloud to see what we had:

Years ago we wrote a Brand Essence statement that contained quite a few of these words, and now we’re delivering on that promise.

These results serve to reenergize us around our first principle: to make the passenger experience the best it can be, and as we roll into 2019 expect us to continue to dig in and focus on every aspect of what makes ours a great experience.

Sit back and relax; we got this. We’re AtYourGate.



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