Usability Review #3: PAISABAZAAR

In continuation with ‘Why does your Product need a Usability Review?’ , we have done a healthy exercise. We picked some applications randomly, reviewed it, and identified the elements which are leaving the users struggling in some way.

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This time, we picked

What is offers customised solutions to all lending and investment needs of a customer. Their comparison engine is an intuitive platform that provides unbiased choices to our customers, based on his profile and needs, whether it is for a credit card, a loan or a savings account.

What do we like about Paisabazaar?

MOTTO is a smart one. It makes the otherwise tedious procedure very easy going.
SERVICE is a much needed one, makes lives convenient.

What are the Evaluation Parameters?

Over all Structure of Paisabazaar- To understand complexity.
Common User-flows- To understand over-all usage.
Assessment of Visual Design Quality- To understand visual appeal.
Responsive Coding- To evaluate cross-platform performance.
Over all Site Loading Performance

Information Architecture


The structure is not crisp, information is not simplified enough to be
processed by a user.

Information Architecture of

The discoverability is at stake and hence affecting the overall experience. User might have to fumble through many tabs in order to discover what they want or where they want to go.


For initiating the same journey, information is architect-ed in two different sorting and groupings.

Visual Consistency

The components are inconsistent and doesn’t belong to the same family.

Maintaining visual consistency can help users to easily perceive the product’s function, helping them in predicting and performing the interactions.


Users are constrained to use the product across multiple devices.

Multiple device usage is increasing, it is beneficial to have responsive product, so that user can access it from any device. This flexibility results in more footfall and eventually more conversions. Know more benefits of having a responsive product.

Loading Time

Takes a very long time to load.

Improving loading time makes product become more usable and productive. Loading time has a direct effect on conversions.

Usability Report Card

This report card summarizes which usability factor of the product is impressing the users versus hurting them.

These are just an ounce-ful of thoughts on improving the usability. Let me know what you would do differently or suggest for spreading a better experience out there.

Do you own a product? 
What do you do for usability review? 
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There might not be a lot of WOW moments, but that’s not gonna hurt for sure. Because finding those spots and converting them to WOW is what we are doing this for, isn’t it ?