Mariela Kodzhebasheva

Mariela Kodzhebasheva considers herself a patient, hardworking and creative person, who likes being around people. “I really like going out with people. This is my time of pleasure and preferred time to spend my free time. I want to explore other behaviors and feelings”, Mariela says.

Mariela is a 19 years old freshman from a small town Gotse Dolchev, which is close to Blagoevgrad. She is doing a double major in ECO and BUS or MAT. Mariela is also planning on taking a minor in the French language, which she is learning since ninth grade. She explains her passion for learning languages as an opportunity to find a good job. She thinks the knowledge of a foreign language opens the doors of good companies in Bulgaria and abroad.

The ability to speak in a foreign language also makes it so much enjoyable to travel for her. Mariela is a passionate traveler, who wants to explore new and exciting places every time. She thinks it offers insights into culture and mentality. When she was traveling around France, she got impressed by how people social and welcoming towards her. “When I made a conversation with people, they were very charming and outgoing”, Mariela says.

Talking about role models, Mariela mentioned her mother, who she looks up to. She thinks it is important to have someone to give you a guideline of values and actions to follow. “My mother is hardworking and patient. She achieves everything with so great effort. I would like to have the same qualities in my future”, Mariela says.

After graduation from AUBG, Mariela wants to continue studying. She has a plan to pursue a Master`s Degree abroad and to try to live on her own. She is always surrounded by her family, so it is a great opportunity of having the total responsibility for her own life.

Mariela suggests that most people see her as a social and outgoing person. However, she thinks she became shier during the adolescent. She realized that other people could have opinions about her. “I think most people think I am a social and outgoing person. But basically it not like that every time. Because when I meet new people, I am super shy. The first impression sometimes lies”, Mariela says.

Mariela wants to overcome shyness and become a more active person. She thinks it affects greatly the behavior and even academic performance. “But sometimes it does not depend on you. It is a normal process. But I am trying to become more outgoing and confident with myself”.

Inkar Tileubayeva is JMC student in American University in Bulgaria, who is interested in cinematography and photography.