Miloš Vukadinović

Photo by Nikola Savić

“Every country needs educated people,” said Miloš, who at the young age of 19, has more than 4 years of professional programming experience.

Miloš Vukadinović is a Computer Sciences and Mathematics student at American University in Bulgaria. He is coming from Serbia, and by telling that he had pretty vivid childhood in the suburb of the city of Niš, Miloš said that his growing up made him the person that he is today.

Miloš is a self-thought programmer, “My high school wasn’t really hard and time-consuming. So in my free time, I learned to program by myself.” Having a serious dedication and passion towards a certain profession he had a lot of opportunities since a very young age. “I even got a job at the beginning of my second year in high school,” which later motivated him to continue his education at AUBG.

Apart from his academic studies, Miloš is deeply involved in student life! He is a member of two big student clubs, the Hub, connected to program development, and the Polygon, a Math club. The meaningfulness of those clubs Miloš found in their support and the closeness of community within them.

Photo by Daria Biryukova

Asked about his hobbies, he said: “I used to play guitar, but now I don’t have so much free time.” Even though his job and studies are taking most of his time, Miloš said “I also enjoy a good movie in my free time,” as well as that he always finds the time for his friends and for sport!

What differs Miloš from most of his peers is probably his determination to develop himself as much as he can and in the best manner possible. He sees himself in the future doing scientific researches “now my plan is to do research in computer science involving mathematics.” Apart from that, he said that he also plans to establish some sort of start-up project, where he would work in a friendly environment.

His next venture is Work and Travel program, where apart from his usual programming job, he will experience a standard student working summer, “I do not have much experience doing summer jobs,” he said, “but I think everything will work out fine.”

Nikola Savić student of Business and Journalism and Mass Communication at American University in Bulgaria