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The Rapper | Danny G

It’s a clear Saturday night- 4th of August 2019. The stage is set up on the beach near camp Gradina. Danny G and Phillip Kru$ step up and the show begins.

Danny G posing for a photoshoot. Photo from Daniela Yordanova’s archive.

The boys are part of the AMOK gang- a group of young creatives who work in the sectors of music and fashion and express themselves through “sound and fabric” as Danny G says.

Daniel Danchev a.k.a. Danny G was born in 1998 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It has been 3 years now since he started working with music. “I joined one of my boys — ICE-P’s sessions. He was making these fire instrumentals and it had me thinking how amazing it could sound with vocals.” Little did they know that this innocent experiment will soon transform them into the musicians they are now. “I approached him to sit on the mic and apply my point of view, that’s when we looked at each other and knew that we could develop this potential together, a really magical moment.”

AMOK became a name that supports the pure, raw energy that many are afraid to show nowadays. Danny says AMOK tries to connect to their fans and inspire them to express love in its various forms without hesitation.

Danny is a person who doesn’t like to limit himself to only one area. He sees himself as a spiritual guy who wouldn’t stop at anything in his development and will continue to expand his worldview despite the obstacles: “Only the energy that you trust in knows the path ahead, a person is not a monotonous creature and I believe that different strays can be revealed in all phases of life.”

Danny finds truly inspiring the fact that he was able to see the growth of performers like Young Thug, Chief Keef, and Soulja Boy. He, of course, doesn’t forget to mention the rap icon 50 Cent. The young man from Plovdiv tries to learn from the best in the industry and without replicating their success he builds up his out ladder to the top. What is more, Danny seeks inspiration in every small thing around him- “An afternoon walk through the core of my city could just bring as many ideas as you can think of.”

Danny feels like AMOK has been blessed for having the opportunity to work with one of the best DJs in the Bulgarian rap industry- Sava Best Kept Secret (Sava BKS). “Music has always been for sharing, and having a person like him commune with us so that the platform is being expanded and taken on a higher note is what we strive for,” Danny shares with a passionate smile.

AMOK has planned many new projects and they are eager to share them with their friends (that’s how Danny is referring to their fans). The young artist states that the future will be filled with “Work, work, work with no pun intended,” and that the best is yet to come.

Danny G and Phillip Kru$ performing live, Club Void, Plovdiv, June 21st, 2020
Danny G and Phillip Kru$ performing live, Club Void, Plovdiv, June 21st, 2020 / Photo by Atanas Shindov


Ivan Karadzhov is a student at the American University in Bulgaria. He is interested in rap music and wanted to work with Danny G for a long time. Ivan is glad for the granted opportunity.



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