The Benefits & Utility Of AuBit’s Freeway Token (FWT)

If you want to know what the Freeway Token is, and why it’s important to the AuBit Freeway platform & app, you’re in the right place.

To begin, let’s cover the very basics.

What Is The AuBit Freeway Platform & App?

Soon to be made available in more than 180 countries worldwide, the Freeway platform is a brand new digital asset platform that network’s the world’s top investment products including stocks, bonds, gold, and crypto, designed for greater risk-adjusted total returns.

It does this by redistributing 80% of transaction fees and product-related revenues for the benefit of product holders.

Here’s a simple example:

Let’s say you buy an ounce of gold.

Typically, if you keep that gold, you’ll still have one ounce a year from now, 10 years from now, and even 100 years from now. Only the value or price of the gold changes.

When you buy AuBitised gold, however, you receive your share of fee redistributions in the form of more gold. We call these ‘AuBit Redistributions.’

That means that, the longer you hold your gold, and the more that people trade, the more gold you own.

So you could begin with one ounce and end up owning, hypothetically, 2 ounces over sufficient time given enough trading volume.

That’s because, with AuBit, not only can the value of an asset increase, but the volume increases, too.

And that’s true of any AuBitised asset from stocks, bonds, crypto and more.

The Role Freeway Token (FWT) Plays In Network-Enhanced Growth

FWT is the native utility token for the AuBit Freeway platform.

You can think of Freeway Tokens as a catalyst to additional rewards.

Freeway Token has utility in the five following ways:

  1. Holding FWT gives Freeway users preferential AuBit Redistributions.
  2. FWT is required to activate full APY rewards on Supercharger products.
  3. FWT offers Freeway users discounted trading fees.
  4. Staking FWT inside your Freeway account unlocks Freeway Giveaway Rewards.
  5. FWT is vital to the network’s future proof-of-fidelity protocol for institutional adoption.

1. FWT gives Freeway users preferential AuBit Redistributions

You’ve seen how, with AuBit, you get both the value change in the price of the assets like gold that you buy and also the volume change in assets from AuBit Redistributions.

We call this volume growth ‘AuBitised’ growth — the extra amount of the asset you own that you otherwise wouldn’t.

It is this AuBitised growth that makes AuBit special.

Now, when you hold FWT in your account on the Freeway Platform — just like holding pounds, dollars, or euros, in your bank account — you get increased AuBitised growth because you get a larger share of the redistribution of fees.

This holding of FWT in your Freeway account is called Native Staking.

The majority of rewards available to users on the Freeway platform require some form of native FWT staking.

In short, the more FWT you hold in your Freeway account, the greater your AuBitised gains— meaning the more gold, stocks, bonds etc you receive from AuBit Redistributions.

2. FWT provides access to preferential gains on the highest potential AuBitised products

FWT Native Staking becomes particularly important in relation to the AuBitised Supercharger Products.

AuBitised Supercharger Products (Superchargers) are fixed-APY staking products with high rewards of 20–43% APY.

The AuBitised Supercharger products are:

— AuBitised Bitcoin Supercharger 33% fixed APY

— AuBitised Ethereum Supercharger 20% fixed APY

— AuBitised Binance Coin Supercharger 20% fixed APY

— AuBitised USD Supercharger 43% fixed APY, and

— AuBitised Eurosmith Supercharger 43% fixed APY

— AuBitised ADA Supercharger 20% fixed APY

— AuBitised DOT Supercharger 20% fixed APY

— AuBitised GOLD Supercharger 20% fixed APY

To activate the full APY of these products, Freeway users must natively stake Freeway Tokens to a value of at least 25% of the total value of their Supercharger holdings.

For example, if you own $1,000 of Supercharger products, you must natively stake $250 worth of Freeway Token (FWT).

Natively staking simply refers to holding your FWT inside your Freeway account — not in an external wallet or any third-part exchange.

In line with our philosophy of #accessforall, the minimum buy-in on any product is just $1.

3. Freeway Tokens reduce trading fees

On most AuBitised products, there is a single one-off platform fee at the time of purchase.

There are no annual or ongoing fees on the vast majority of products.

This means that users get to keep more of their gains than they likely will elsewhere.

What’s more, they can reduce their fees even further by choosing to pay their single one-off fee in FWT rather than a fiat currency like dollars, pounds or euros.

This provides genuine value as the greater the demand for AuBitised products on the Freeway platform, the greater the demand and utility for FWT.

4. Staking FWT inside your Freeway account unlocks Freeway Giveaway Rewards

Beginning in mid-May, 2021, all Freeway users can expect to begin receiving Freeway Giveaway Rewards for native staking.

What’s more, some lucky winners will win rewards of $1000+ in pot luck, random giveaways.

Future Utility: Future Products and Services, Institutions, And The Proof-Of-Fidelity Protocol

As additional services and products are added to the ecosystem, FWT utility will continue to expand.

We won’t go into too much detail for now, as the future features and the proof-of-fidelity protocol are not immediately launching, but they are worth mentioning here as they will add significant future utility value to FWT.

Regarding proof-of-fidelity, the key here is that third-party service providers will have to stake sufficient FWT to justify the level of service they wish to provide customers.

For example, custodians will have to stake at least 15% of the asset value to provide custody. Reputation here is everything and they can make plenty of money from the service they provide.

Therefore, to encourage good behaviour for the benefit of everyone, custodians must stake enough FWT that they fear losing it from their own behaviour of ill repute.

In that way, the AuBit ecosystem is built to align incentives at every level.

This adds scale to the Freeway Token’s utility within the Freeway ecosystem.

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How To Buy Freeway Token (FWT) In 3 Steps

1. Choose your preferred platform from UniSwap, AscendEX (Bitmax), and Bithumb Global.

a. UniSwap is a popular decentralised exchange that requires less onboarding but may charge higher fees.

b. AscendEX (BitMax) & Bithumb Global are centralised exchanges that require a lengthier onboarding process but may require lower fees.

2. On your chosen platform, you’ll first need to buy Tether, known by its code USDT — congratulations, now you own cryptocurrency! Tether is valued at the same or almost identical price as the US Dollar.

3. Now you own USDT, all you need to do is visit the Freeway Token (FWT) page on your chosen platform and exchange your USDT for FWT — now you own FWT!

a. You’ll find FWT on UniSwap here.
b. You’ll find FWT on AscendEX (BitMax) here.
c. And you’ll find FWT on Bithumb Global here.

If you have any questions or need any help, you’ll find everything you need from the supportive Official AuBit Telegram Community here.

Freeway Lite #AccessForAll is finally LIVE!

Any eligible user in more than 180 eligible countries worldwide can now create an account for access to Supercharger Staking products, FWT native staking, and Freeway Forever Referral Rewards.

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