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What is AuBit
What is AuBit?

AuBit x Steady State Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with a new DeFi insurance startup called Steady State.

  • Freeway Lite US pre-launch access is open for Supercharger Staking in advance of platform release
  • Freeway Lite US has received more than $100m in Supercharger requests to date
  • A Date for US platform will be released soon
  • Freeway Lite US will offer giveaway rewards for in the fifth week following platform release
  • A new Team Talks video with early investor Piers Marmion
  • Freeway Lite’s…

  • Supercharger numbers to date & Staked FWT
  • A new Team Talks video with the AuBit Freeway Leadership Team
  • A new video with early investor Sir Nigel Burney
  • $60,000 in Giveaway Rewards already paid with one more day to go
  • An Influencer update
  • Guerrilla of The Week — New Phone Who Dis
  • Agent Alpha on why deflation is now the issue, not inflation — and why DeFi could be bigger than the traditional…

  • A brand new video getting the perspective from early AuBit investors and ambassadors including a knight of the realm (a real-life Sir!)
  • A brand new video from AuBit’s third co-Founder & Director, entrepreneur Peter Neilson
  • A brand new video from Joel Krueger, the $75bn former APAC fund manager and AuBit CIO
  • News of Freeway’s multi-language community rollouts beginning with Spanish & Portuguese
  • The deadline to stake your FWT now to win your share…

  • Introducing $50,000 USD Supercharger Giveaway Rewards
  • A new DeFi tech partnership announcement
  • Freeway’s Truly DeFi Virtual Crypto Hedge Fund
  • AuBit is to at least double existing developer resources for Full Fat
  • New and improved accelerated roadmap coming soon
  • Guerrilla of The Week

  • An announcement of our partnership with a top UK influencer
  • A public reveal that an existing influencer has over $500,000 in Freeway Superchargers
  • 3 new simplified ‘how-to’ videos to make FWT native staking easy
  • Some hotfix updates to Freeway Lite, bringing it to v1.8
  • A new Guerilla of the week
  • Agent Alpha’s views on how Bitcoin has already broken resistance
  • And more


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