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About AUC Token Information and Mining Mechanism

For the latest AUC token information and mining mechanism, the community and users need to understand and process the completion in the cycle.

  1. Hyperledger terminates the node server renewal and the link is out of service.
  2. The new program conversion triggers the 290th column serial number 41906 node integer column up each node out of mining 250 nodes mining volume to cover the amount of mining back to replenish the account does not make migration NFT and UORA, while closing MPOS.
  3. AUC`s token contract address in Binance Smart Chain: 0x09caf7c71A131E73B41C68Cbc2bBb1A55d02D564
  4. AUC Token Contract Features:
  • Total issue is determined, no additional issue, permission to transfer to black hole address.
  • Transfer transactions charged 5% transaction tax, automatic destruction of deflation.
  • Address residual, default 1% sinking, manual minimum setting can be reserved for 0.00000001.
  • Add LP liquidity to automatically obtain tax-free whitelist, free of transaction destruction tax of 5%.
  • Remove LP liquidity, whitelist will automatically disengage, restore transaction destruction tax 5%.

5. On April 28, AUC data migration of BSC chain will be officially opened, and the stable period of migration cycle will last until May 4, after May 4, the migration status will continue to be open, but the link stability is difficult to guarantee.

6. After the migration is completed, AUC will completely exist in the blockchain network permanently in the form of DAPP and IPFS, relying on the BSC net body development, and the link will be terminated after the Hyperledger server is detached and the final migration cycle time is determined.

7. Osasion data migration only supports AUC and requires BNB as GAS fee, user should make sure there are enough BNB in the account when migrating AUC. user can gather AUC from multiple accounts to one account and complete the migration with only 0.003BNB GAS fee for one time.

8. Swap initial pricing of AUC Genesis liquidity on Dex at $2.98 destruction price to open trading lanes and lock the bottom pool; meanwhile AUC value will be defined by community application and user consensus.

Trading address: https://pancakeswap.finance/

9. The AUC tokens of the BSC net body will be divided into two parts.

  • Existing circulating quantity: stored in a limited migration cross-chain contract to meet the user migration of OMC mainnet data.
  • Other uncirculated tokens will be stored entirely at the address of the newly associated AUC design LP Staking out contract for locking.

10. Token contract, LP Staking out of the mining contract and the transfer of authority to the black hole address, the project tenure will be completely decentralized, the community dominated consensus future value, AUC holders that is, the co-initiator consensus holders.

11. The two-way BNB involved in the migration is the GAS cost, and the remaining part will be stored in the migration contract address to facilitate the continuous operation of the user node.

12. AUC’s out of mine mechanism

Mode: AUC only retains the only mining mechanism, LP liquidity Staking mining, i.e. IDO liquidity overflow mode.

Mining volume: all tokens that are not circulated by the actual AUC.


  • Add the trading liquidity of AUC in DEX, cast LP, and get the LP Token automatically matched by DEX.
  • In the AUC Staking DAPP page, determine the LP Staking, perform the locking of the determined return cycle, and start to get the outgoing mine.
  • The way of outgoing mining: will be based on the algorithm of LP Token anchoring combined with daily yield for real-time outgoing mining, which can be collected at any time, but need to pay the GAS fee of BNB of BSC link.

Wish AUC to survive against the odds and regain consensus after it is fully decentralized.

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