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About the Classification of the Ledger on the Osasion Chain

I. Ordinary Ledger

The consensus body in the Bayesian system, the seed of the distribution of the community network, is also the object of value currency to stimulate the distribution of the benchmark mining pool, and the distributed point-to-point consensus confirms the data packet block.Regarding the professional expression and simple classification of ordinary ledgers, it can also be simply expressed as a user group that enjoys the rights and interests on the chain and bears the subject of limited consensus responsibility.

II. Block Synchronization Ledger

The block synchronization ledger is the basic miner of the Osasion public chain. Each ledger in the blockchain network is equivalent to each computer or server terminal that stores all block data. The production of all new blocks, as well as the verification and accounting of transactions, and broadcasting them to the entire network for synchronization, are all completed by the ledger. Synchronized ledger provides operating conditions for the common ledger consensus Osasion.

III. Hyperledger

Osasion is the carrier of the main network server operation on the Osasion chain, and the super miner (hyperledger) that packs and records block data is responsible for the security, stability, and effectiveness of information interaction on the main network of the public chain. It enjoys the rights of super miners and is also a public chain. An important part of the later ecological governance.

Hyperledger is an individual with a strong consensus. In Osasion, it is a super individual with an exclusive project consensus, and is a firm supporter and supporter of Osasion’s ultimate long-cherished wish. His subjective willingness to integrate project development with personal career development, and at the same time voluntarily undertake the guarding and operation of key public chain equipment such as web servers, and provide necessary cost and resource support. It is also the beneficiary of project development dividends and an important participant in community governance.

The application for Hyperledger will be directly connected to the Community United Foundation.

Community United Foundation Super Ledger Service Email: erice.tocc9auc@gmail.com

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