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Advantages of Block Synchronization Ledger

The only thing worth reminding about AUC at the end of ecological governance is: First of all, one AUC is required for each modification of the community’s information on the chain.Secondly, the candidates participating in the block synchronization ledger cannot unilaterally dissolve the community, because the information on the chain is one-way anchored by the contract, and the entire network is synchronized after the ledger is recorded. Once the community is successfully created, the meaning of the block ledger cannot be tampered with or deleted. In addition, the data is clearly there. If the ledger is guided solely by profit, it will deviate from the original intention of the project, and it will not be able to truly guide the consensus makers into the users of community governance and ecological application in the later stage.

Therefore, the significance of synchronizing the ledger of the community campaign block is to experience the low-cost establishment of Osasion’s community ecology and obtain corresponding benefits. The second is to guide the intrinsic value of the concerned project to empower AUC and transform speculators into fellow travelers in the Osasion business.

In this way, we always pay attention to the progress of the project, attract more individuals to become consensus ledgers through the stable design of the project and the advantages of the core, and change from the sales side thinking to the law of attraction. This must remind all communities and consensus ledgers that are concerned about the block synchronization ledger campaign. Once you have the power to develop beyond the big family and capitalists, how to reap the greatest benefit and the binding of your own career will determine the point where your financial affairs will undergo fundamental changes in the next few years.

The promotion of ledger users is the core of the project, and the core users, 1 ledger user is as important as 10 ledger users, the fact is that the core logic of the design is to reduce the proportion of individuals to the limit in the continuous progress of the project. : 10 is the most reasonable, that is, based on 25 million ledgers, at least 2.5 million users are held. Users of this size will achieve any achievable ecological goals. This does not count the incremental users of non-ledger currency holding addresses. in the case of.

As far as the campaign cost threshold is concerned, it currently does not exceed 5U. Of course, the situation here has to be viewed in two. For example, when the price of each AUC coin is close to 100U, the cost of its community activation to participate in the election is only 200U, and there is no psychological threshold for market consensus.It is worth noting that the core of the scientific design of the ecological community governance end is the number of real user accounts in the community, and we must continue to expand and maintain qualified elections. This will in turn involve community governance, consensus education, ecological support, and community centripetal force. , Viscosity and other key indicators.

Therefore, the core guidance and pursuit of Osasion is to create a consensus community with an independent personality and complete a decentralized consensus distribution.

The growth and growth of the Osasion community is completely composed of independent ledger individuals. Ordinary ledger individuals will become the object of the acquaintance community to compete for services. The real data obtained in this way represents the true willingness of the current ledger to participate in community governance.This is completely aside from the design of the currency price, which is unique in the industry, but its core context is intertwined, and it will promote the number of consensus ledgers steadily. In mutual pull, the promotion of currency prices and ledgers is true. The acquisition of users, compared with other projects where high currency prices push up the bubble, is simply a clear stream of the industry.

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