Announcement on the Termination of Osasion OMC Link

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2 min readMay 25, 2022


According to the community and Hyperledgers to reach a final solution. The OMC link has gone through a difficult historical moment, using comprehensive resources such as eco-community bridge building while maintaining data validity and consensus continuity to the maximum extent. A large number of solutions around DAO and decentralized distribution have been developed based on community demanded solutions. AUC will be parasitic in the Binance Smart Chain net body, the main authority discarded, return to the market, out of the main body of the mine to smart contracts + DAPP as the carrier. Once distributed, it will not be changed or restricted. It is completely out of the human controllable state. The launch of Osasion LP Staking will be the final step in the decentralization of AUC, and Osasion will continue to operate indefinitely automated on the BSC net body. The specific arrangements are as follows:

  • MPOS Bayesian module termination.
  • OMC link data calibration, preparation of cross-link tools: database, bridge channel.
  • BSC chain releases panning token contract, distributed code environment and LP casting pool.
  • Contract rights are discarded and the LP bottom pool is discarded permanently locked.
  • Steady migration of ecological side and data side.
  • All node servers on the OMC chain side are terminated.
  • All OMC chain supporting ecological modules and functional interfaces are detached.
  • Osasion LP Staking`s DAPP online distribution.

Whether it’s the node users of Osasion, the community who insisted on DAO implementation and tried to put in more effort, as well as the Hyperledgers who persisted to the end and all the people in the volunteer technical working group who worked hard with the transition, thank you all for your mutual understanding.

We hope you will continue to witness the future of AUC after the implementation of the business segment is completed. We hope that AUC, which fully belongs to the market side, will be favored and valued by the market. Finally, we wish AUC, which has broken through the shackles, will be better and better in the road ahead.

Finally, Osasion LP Staking will be coming soon and the countdown is on.

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