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2 min readJun 22, 2022


Introduction: AUC token is the original Osasion public chain cross-chain Binance Smart Chain token, led by the community to complete the migration of data assets, and spontaneously designed to complete the establishment of the mining mechanism, maintaining the asset-side data, community consensus end. Spontaneous community DAO organization initiated contract mechanism for effective and maintain sufficient inclusiveness, openness, scalability, comprehensive community takeover of the project’s ongoing operations and future development. Its features: permission discard, contract open source, data transparency, community-led, and truly decentralized.

Token Abbreviation: AUC

Token Name: AucCoin

Precision: 8


Contract Address: 0x09caf7c71A131E73B41C68Cbc2bBb1A55d02D564

The first pricing of AUC Genesis liquidity in Swap on Dex at $2.98 destruction price will be conducted to open the trading channel and lock the bottom pool. Meanwhile AUC value will be defined by community application and user consensus.

Trading Address:

Token Contract Function

  • The total number of issues is determined, not available for additional issuance, and the authority to turn the black hole address.
  • 5% transaction tax is charged on transfer transactions, and deflation is automatically destroyed.
  • Address can not turn empty, the default 1% sedimentation, the manual minimum setting can be reserved for 0.00000001.
  • Tax-free whitelist: Liquid LPs that add AUC tokens will be exempt from 5% transaction tax, and removing LPs will restore 5% transaction tax.
  • Liquidity overflow: out of the mining mechanism, that is, after meeting all the conversion of the existing out of the mining data, all the remaining data into the designated contract out of the mining address. By the liquidity provider, community governors, together through continuous liquidity provision, protection, stable completion of the remaining mining volume out of the mining mechanism.

Mining Mechanism

Way: AUC only retains the only out of mine mechanism, LP liquidity pledge out of mine, that is, IDO liquidity overflow way.

Mined Volume: All tokens that are not circulated by the actual AUC.


  • DEX adds trading liquidity to AUC, minting LPs and getting LP Token automatically matched by DEX.
  • On the AUC Staking DAPP outgoing page, determine the LP Staking, perform the locking of the determined revenue cycle, and start to get outgoing.
  • The way to mine out: will be based on the algorithm of LP Token anchoring combined with the daily yield, real-time mining out, receive at will, but need to pay the GAS fee of BNB of BSC link.

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