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AUC Mainnet — a Brand New Digital Transformation

Every AUC is Precious

On November 10th, AUC Blockchain officially launched public beta, which allows all users to test out AUC public chain performance. On November 11th, AUC team released the public beta version results, collected more than 1,189 transaction data pairs and simulated actual scenarios, the results satisfy the expectation. AUC mainnet is about to be launched, a brand new digital transformation era is about to come.

AUC includes few parts: public chain, wallet, and community. AUC public chain is a distributed interaction ecology of the asset chain, empowering assets on other chains to freely trade; AUC wallet is a decentralized blockchain wallet created by the Bayesian ecosystem exclusive to the AUC public chain. It provides reliable services for tens of millions of users and helps you safely manage AUC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ATOM, EOS, TRX, CKB, BCH, LTC, and other assets. Also, it supports some token exchange and DApp browser. AUC Community is supported by Joint Community Fund (ACF), which is a spontaneous self-governance alliance formed by global enthusiasts and senior investors in China, the USA, UK, UAE, and other countries. It mainly serves the overall promotion of AUC ecology and assists in the market completion of the Bayesian Eco-system.

In the AUC model, every participant is an owner, everyone can become a businessman, build resources together, share benefits, truly follow the internal circulation system, maintain the value of assets on the chain, and interact with off-chain information through oracle mechanism.

When AUC mainnet is being launched, all the services mentioned above will be provided, which means, people can fully enjoy the convenience and advantages of blockchain, to easily manage their assets, participate in governance as they want, to all together build a win-win ecosystem.

As of November 13th, the AUC team is working on pressure tests on the network and the final code auditing, soon, a brand new digital transformation will come.

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