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AUC-USDT LP Staking Goes Live

There are two reasons why staking mining of LP liquidity casting certificates can become mainstream. For the user side, the liquidity casting anchored by the entry price a relative option-locked hedging mechanism has some protection against risk than holding the spot asset. At the same time, staking LP certificates for further gains is gradually becoming popular for mining under the market POS mechanism, and LP Staking is becoming one of the options for institutions and investment enthusiasts.

Osasion DAPP standard Web 3.0 distribution, domain name distribution in Ethereum Name Service, data storage in IPFS and architecture distribution in Binance Smart Chain. After the decentralized distribution is completed, the DAPP will operate on the blockchain network permanently by itself, and any data and interface will not have any changes or adjustments. IPFS allows for distributed storage of data that is not only censorship resistant, but also data that cannot be altered or falsified, meaning that non-critical data can be stored to IPFS while storing this identifier to the underlying distributed ledger. This reduces the need for expendable operations on the distributed ledger. In short, IPFS is the best storage platform for decentralized applications.

Now, we will detail the components of AUC-USDT LP Staking and how the community can get a higher return from LP Staking.

First, AUC-USDT offers a variety of staking types to accommodate more investment options for users’ needs, and more solutions for new entrants. The yield determined by the current program will subsequently be determined by the smart contract as the market inflation rate indicator, coin price, destruction data and other values trigger the algorithm. Smart contracts with adjustment factors, yield will be activated under specific conditions to make adaptive adjustment, yield and return amount is not the product of a fixed formula calculation.

  • AUC-USDT offers five types of staking, and users are free to choose the staking type to staking LP. the staking period is 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days and 360 days respectively.
  • The AUC-USDT LP Staking will earn AUC proceeds directly, and the user’s staking LP can continue to mine out after the minimum staking term expires, but the rate of return on the staking expiration is different from the rate of return on the staking during the user’s chosen staking term.
  • After the AUC-USDT LP is added to the Staking pool, the smart contract will automatically calculate the number of AUCs available to the user pledging the LP.
  • Depending on the type of staking (staking term) chosen by the user and the number of LP staking, the annualized return to the user can range from 10% to 360%.
  • During the staking term chosen by the user, the user can receive the proceeds at any time and from any place, provided that the user has not committed any evil, but needs to wait for the end of the term before completing the release of the staking LP and getting back the staking LP, which requires the release of the staking assets together with the remaining collectible proceeds.
  • Once a user has selected a staking type to complete an LP staking, a new staking cannot be added to an order that is in the process of being staking. If a new staking is needed, you can select the same staking term or choose any staking type to receive a higher annualized yield. For example, if a user has just selected a 90 days staking type and wants to staking the order again, they can select 90 days, 180 days, etc. orders with higher annualized yields for staking.

AUC-USDT LP Staking aims to complete the identified Oasaion’s AUC out of the mining mechanism, will be free from the technology, operating costs, technical barriers, market factors and other sway, will fully promote the landing DAO mechanism under the, autonomous, self-generated, self-turn.

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