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AUC Withdrawal to Binance Smart Chain Operation Guide

Osasion will follow the plan to stabilize the regular operation of the service data transfer channel, so please complete the asset migration as soon as possible. The migration cycle stabilization period will last until May 4, and will continue to be open for migration after May 4, but link stability is difficult to guarantee.

AUC contract address: 0x09caf7c71A131E73B41C68Cbc2bBb1A55d02D564

AUC withdrawal operation guide is as follows:

  1. Go to the Osasion Wallet discovery page and click Meta Freecity.

2. Addresses that are not automatically connected to the wallet can click Connect Wallet to complete authorization.

3. Click on your account information and select BNB to recharge your coins.

4. Top up the GAS fee for cross-chain BNB by Meta Freecity-Account Information-Assets List-BNB-Recharge, copy the address to transfer via BSC chain to the above address.

5. BNB recharge is completed. Click AUC to withdraw coins.

You can check the progress of AUC withdrawal in the recent log.

6. Complete the BNB authorization.

7. Confirm the withdrawal network, withdrawal address and withdrawal quantity.

The withdrawal address is the wallet address of the user’s BSC.

The Gas fee for one transaction costs 0.003BNB.

8. AUC withdrawal to the account.

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