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Block Synchronization Ledger Campaign Version 1.0

Block synchronization ledger: Accounting book and equity ledger are designed separately and belong to the category of block synchronization ledger.

Accounting ledgers: 300 block synchronization ledgers have been written on the chain, and they have been stably coordinated with the super ledgers for transaction accounting synchronization, block packaging and other tasks.

Equity ledger: The equity ledger will hold the governance and benefit rights on the chain, but it does not exist as the controlling party of the ledger.

1. Basic Conditions For Community Creation

1.1 Only accounts with activated MPOS status can create communities.

1.2 To create a community, you need to pay 1 AUC as a handling fee, and to activate the block synchronization ledger campaign, you need to pay 1 AUC.

1.3 Election community information uploading is a one-way operation and cannot be canceled.

1.4 The block synchronization ledger campaign is the equity ledger, and the maximum number is 300.

2. Ordinary Ledger Voting Rights

2.1 The ledger with activated MPOS status has voting rights, and the inactive ledger cannot participate in community voting.

2.2 Any activated ledger in the Troy network has independent voting rights.

2.3 Each activated ledger wallet address corresponds to one voting right.

2.4 Free voting.

2.5 There are only two cases for voting:

1) Permanent voting, no cancellation operation.

2) Only support for 60 days, once the contract time limit expires, voting will be automatically cancelled.

3. Block Synchronization Ledger Election Conditions

3.1 Qualified candidate account book

1) Successfully activate the block synchronization ledger campaign and activate the voting function.

2) The number of support votes is more than 100 votes (not including 100 votes).

3.2 Top 300 votes held

If the number of qualified candidate ledger exceeds 300, the top 300 will be selected based on the actual number of votes obtained.

4. GAS Fee Distribution Plan

4.1 Assignment execution

1) First allocation time: GAS fee collection reaches 10000 AUC.

2) Subsequent allocation time: GAS fee collection will be allocated once every 1,000 AUC are collected, and there is no time limit.

4.2 Execution way

1) The winners of the block synchronization ledger election will have equal final income and equal distribution.

2) The income distribution of the block synchronization ledger is locked by the smart contract on the chain, and the 30% GAS fee of the Troy mainnet is the block synchronization ledger income.

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