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Explore the Metaverse Setting of the Osasion Sobrinans

After the transformation of Osasion’s public chain architecture, its bottom layer already has the upgrade potential of Layer2 and the compatibility of the public chain’s mining logic. As a public chain of the transformation of the miscible chain architecture, it has the characteristics of abundant early-stage chain end resources. Secondly, the Bayesian development concept corresponds to the current Metaverse concept one-to-one, coupled with the future development positioning and promotion of Metaverse, it is the first choice for the new generation of public chains to be more suitable for chain games and Metaverse concept ecological landing, but its public chain future The uncertainty of development and the current integration of the concept of the team chain game Metaverse has yet to be polished.

In Q4, the transition to the first stage of public chain architecture integration was completed, and the overall design contribution value covering the economic system and technical architecture was nearly 80%. It is expected to transition to the core section of Layer2 through three-stage upgrades. The core of the design and the overall scientific research progress will be entered as scheduled. The first phase was fully optimized and entered the stage of ecological introduction and Labs incubation.The chain game end of the Metaverse sector is preferred as a pilot, and the ecological chain game team Meta Freecity is introduced.The choice of its entrepreneurial team is at a historical stage where the industry experience value is relatively low.The first choice to take Osasion as a foothold is also a team argument and difficult decision. One is the design of a POS-type public chain.The transparency of its mining data and the difficulty of mining in the middle and late stages have become the core decentralized verification mechanism, and the slow release mechanism of mining caused by natural difficulty has fundamental significance for the governance end of the future AUC. At present, the output value of AUC is only 3.74%, which is an important attraction.

Secondly, for Osasion’s built-in concept, it is very much in line with the future concept of Metaverse and the direction of the team’s experimentation. Because the Meta Freecity team unanimously believes that the current Metaverse concept is very popular, but its fundamental trend is not a direction that everyone agrees on.Such a completely nihilistic twin world of data, except for the support of traditional technology and the conversion of ethics and morals, its core significance seems to be no one cares about the progress of society and future humans.This is actually due to the limitations of our open innovation and fission thinking. The future Metaverse should be shaped by a combination of future variability, inclusiveness, plasticity, and practicality, which is what the Meta Freecity team believes is changeable. And continuous change is the characteristic of Metaverse’s development.This fit point perfectly fits the Bayesian support system consistent with Osasion.From the perspective of Meta Freecity, Osasion is the most suitable soil for Metaverse, and its consensus basis is extremely valuable in the future, but it also depends on the direction of future ecological landing, the degree of community civilization, and whether there is community growth at the level of the research team. It forms a stable DNA gene in the Osasion Metaverse plate, which will affect the future growth of Osasion. We are happy to see all of this, and we continue to work hard.

Sobrinans should be the concept of Labs incubation in the Metaverse concept board. Its definition is that chain games open the door, and what is enlightened is the evolution of future social and actual scenes.From this point of view, its macro settings and some key internal information, except for the information disclosed under the contact with Meta Freecity, other information has not been disclosed yet.We also extremely look forward to the information that will be disclosed in the future, which may be revealed in the third stage of the chain end. At present, the first stage of data migration and the transformation of the chain structure are completed, and the second stage is on the way. Before all matters are settled, I believe that the Osasion DAO governance 1.0 standard will not be easily announced, because the ecology has the right to speak to the public chain. It is also one of the core considerations of DAO governance.

Based on this, the macro setting of Sobrinans is expected to be more present in its open source and disclosure in the future. Now let’s talk about the internal relationship between Sobrinans and Meta Freecity.Sobrinans was mentioned in Osasion’s public chain future ecology and public chain infrastructure plans such as Metaverse and cross-chain aggregator disclosed in the second quarter of 21. In the following three quarters, it was determined that Metaverse was the established route of Osasion, that is, Sobrinans.As for other questions that are still waiting to be answered and undisclosed, it is currently in a state of planning and undecrypted.

Sobrinans is the collective name of the Osasion Metaverse continent. Its land resources will be tokenized using blockchain technology, called Domain, which can be purchased, leased, and developed by players.Landlords can upgrade and customize their territories to accommodate shops, Chimera Summoning Beacons, production resources and placement of NPC, and even serve as access points to dungeons!

Sobrinans independent developers, content creators and companies will be able to use clickable wormholes as the launchpad for this content, seamlessly building on the mainland, the possibilities are endless!Coupled with the unique resource matching of the land parcels, the resource aggregation of single parcels and combined parcels will be formed, and the reliability of value capture will be increased without being bound by uniqueness and high value. The blind box design of land will also It is one of the highlights of Sobrinans.

The total number of domains in the Sobrinans continent is 131,000, forming the map of the entire Metaverse, which will never increase or decrease.Domain land is divided into two types: single plot and plot group. Single plot: A single plot will provide a suitable size classification according to different settings.Plot group: Comprehensive plot covers a large area of land in different plots, topography, and regions.Resources and mining coins: In principle, token algorithms compatible with all ecology are placed on different plots. What kind of governance tokens and resources will be produced in the future plots will be determined by the ecology of the original entrepreneurial team in Metaverse.

The continent is represented as a 301×301 grid, and each square represents a piece of tokenized land. One piece of land and one grid. The closer you are to the central area, the more expensive the price, which is similar to the actual housing price in a good location.The regionalization of the grid has become the division of land blocks. This kind of land group is generally not sold to users as a public sale, but as an ecological project preparation for strategic cooperation agencies. Because of its special internal control attributes, the locked computing power behind the land resources corresponds to the future ecology of all Metaverse.

Meta Freecity is located in the Sobrinans plain urban distribution group, with 19,000 plots in the plain area. With the support of blockchain technology, these 19,000 plots will always exist in the Metaverse space of Sobrinans, and will always belong to the rights holders in Meta Freecity, namely the aborigines of Freetown and the core rights and interests of the Meta Freecity project.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that in the future, holders of the NFT of the land in Meta Freecity. In theory, the resources behind the land are supplementary. In this way, the first cross-ecology of NFT cross-chain, cross-platform, and resources with different ecological attributes in the virtual space under the Metaverse environment can be realized.

Therefore, it is clear that Sobrinans is positioned as the macro-boundary in the Osasion Metaverse plate, and basic information such as land parcels has also been confirmed and disclosed for the first time in the docking of the Meta Freecity team.Sobrinans will be fully open to the ecological team stationed in Osasion, develop within the established rules, and form a small social form with different gameplay and different economic systems. Through the series connection of different DAO governance organizations, the initial binary space governance will be formed. Slowly hatch and prosper the entire evolutionary layer of Sobrinans.

Meta Freecity will be the first Metaverse ecological team to settle in the Sobrinans plate. Its core advantage is that it will settle in the entire plot group #JG-7045 in the Sobrinans floodplain continent, positioning it as the first choice for the creation and cultivation of the Sobrinans future urban agglomeration and aboriginal civilization. In this way, Meta Freecity breeds the adaptive rules and native rules of virtual space, thereby constructing a surreal world that promotes digital twins to achieve parallel integration.

About Osasion

Osasion public chain is committed to building a distributed financial ecosystem on the decentralized asset consensus chain.The first MPOS consensus mechanism will create a distributed and decentralized financial empowerment network that is jointly built and shared by the main body of consensus. Financial innovation at the protocol layer will promote the fairness and scalability of the encrypted asset world.Osasion integrates consensus to build assets. Through a new ecological digital economy of distributed governance, it fits the core concept of decentralized finance and is committed to building an asset consensus public chain that benefits tens of millions of consensus nodes.

Osasion public chain created the world’s first MPOS (Multiple consensus impower single sign-on Proof of stake), and established a completely decentralized distributed node autonomous system through 25 million nodes.The joint construction of the overall public chain nodes allows everyone to participate and reward fairness and justice.The design of the node puts users in the network, and Osasion’s nodes will no longer be users but participants in the main body of the public chain, enjoying the rights of users and owners.

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