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How to Realize Decentralization of Osasion Public Chain(Part I)

The topic of decentralization is actually very easy to understand, and popular science can be Googled by itself.To understand the decentralization of Osasion, we first need to clarify the theme of the problem. Is Osasion’s decentralization trustworthy? Still want to know the implementation path of Osasion’s decentralization?

To determine the centralization or centralization trend of the project, in addition to related indicators such as node distribution, community governance, and technical friendliness, it is also possible to clearly distinguish whether the project is centralized or not through the token mechanism. That is the distribution of tokens, the most intuitive and concise , And this is also divided into congenital and acquired.

The innate is that the project design is originally centralized, centralized operation and centralized development team, standard company financing token distribution mechanism, seed round, community round and other rounds.The decentralization here refers to more that you, as a user, can use their products without barriers. That’s all about the open and transparent information on the chain. This is true for most projects on the market. The day after tomorrow refers to the decentralized design at the beginning of the project design.However, in the market game, some people rely on technology and knowledge, some people rely on capital, a large number of ways to pay for the cost of limited resources, or community groups, etc., have obtained the corresponding proportion of the project’s currency holdings, forming the right to speak and dominate, and gradually have The trend of partial centralization.

What needs to be clear is that decentralization must correspond to centralization. In the blockchain industry, more points are the acquisition threshold and monopoly of tokens. Therefore, looking at the progress of the project objectively will make it easier for node users to understand. The answer is naturally that Osasion is a decentralized public chain project.Because the economic model design and the MPOS consensus algorithm have limited it, and in the future development, prevent its centralization from forming.

As to whether Osasion is decentralized, the answer is yes. However, in the future, relatively distributed decentralization can also be ensured. This is what Osasion node needs to pay attention to. How Osasion public chain realizes decentralization, here are the following points of views, we can discuss together.

Osasion General Term Formula and Number List

First of all, with regard to the general formula and number list of Osasion Europe, each ledger user should already have it. Judging from the published general term formula and number list, it is clear that the amount of AUC produced by each ledger at different times and blocks is clear at a glance.In the end, the total number of AUC mines can be obtained, which is 137436181 mines produced by activation of 25 million accounts, which is the total issuance of AUC. The disclosure of this information does not come from a certain institution or a certain ledger, but a verification formula spontaneously made by the technical reserve of the community to check the authenticity and validity of the data at any time.

100 Hyperledgers and 300 Block Synchronized Ledgers

Secondly, does the design of 100 hyperledgers and 300 block synchronization ledgers mean that there will be a centralization trend in the future? With the enhancement of the ledger consensus promotion, when the number of ledger columns exceeds 1,000, you will find that the era of obtaining an AUC is so memorable. It is precisely because of this concept of hiding currency for the people that it is difficult to obtain a large amount of tokens in subsequent transactions in the secondary market or over-the-counter OTC, whether it is capital or institutions.At present, the amount of AUC ore output reaches 3,626,386.62,177,224, which only accounts for 2.638% of the total ore output, while the current amount of OTC, or the amount of pledged flow, only accounts for less than 30% of this 2.638%. Therefore, it is very difficult to achieve a dominant or centralized holding state in Osasion Europe.

About Osasion

Osasion public chain is committed to building a distributed financial ecosystem on the decentralized asset consensus chain.The first MPOS consensus mechanism will create a distributed and decentralized financial empowerment network that is jointly built and shared by the main body of consensus. Financial innovation at the protocol layer will promote the fairness and scalability of the encrypted asset world.Osasion integrates consensus to build assets. Through a new ecological digital economy of distributed governance, it fits the core concept of decentralized finance and is committed to building an asset consensus public chain that benefits tens of millions of consensus nodes.

Osasion public chain created the world’s first MPOS (Multiple consensus impower single sign-on Proof of stake), and established a completely decentralized distributed node autonomous system through 25 million nodes.The joint construction of the overall public chain nodes allows everyone to participate and reward fairness and justice.The design of the node puts users in the network, and Osasion’s nodes will no longer be users but participants in the main body of the public chain, enjoying the rights of users and owners.

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