Interpretation of Osasion`s Latest Announcement

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4 min readApr 27, 2022


Hello, here is the Community United Foundation, on Osasion recent changes and new operations to do the following description, Osasion after two years of development, exploration to uphold the consistent decentralized development ideas, the technical underpinnings of collaborative development in the completion of a phase of the financial architecture of open source, the departure of the team still seems to have an impact. In the second phase of the process, Osasion also encountered the same triangular impossibility of fixing the rate constraint that the industry faces.

At the same time the increase in core parameters, the hardware and the needs of the O&M team all pulled up the overall operating costs of the project. In this critical period, the team and the community, however, convinced the technical team to be market-oriented and completely delegate their authority to follow the needs of the community to change its core rules to suit the market.

Happily, the data on the chain does give us hope in the short term, and in doing so, we believe that a strong community and individual Hyperledger are capable enough to lead the project through the entirety of the experiment. We are excited that Osasion can truly make decentralized operation and DAO mechanism bottom-up, which is a new form of social governance, the best interpretation of freedom in this industry and a tribute to the core developers of early Osasion.

The subsequent Osasion went through a series of changes, and of course we all witnessed its process, with the United Community Foundation’s resource quotas for tilting technology development severely limited by each community’s manifestation and donation. Therefore the technical team`s also twists and turns, while the completely liberalized market atmosphere, resulting in volatile arbitrage, malicious shorting UORA, the market triggered a chain reaction, so much so that the community initiated a proposal to complete the adjustment and turn of the entire chain institutions and operations within a limited period of time. After this point, the completely community and market-driven operation comes to an end at the data level and ushers in a full node disengagement.

It seems that the chain itself was abandoned by its owner, followed by market and data-side pressures forcing the few Hyperledger to make a choice. Adopted with a high vote under the advocacy of the core community and strong Hyperledger, we all agreed to share the cost of continuous operation until Osasion ushered in a headwind environment under the great sailing turn to break through the current shackles and achieve a broken circle.

This is a difficult thing for all those who hold Osasion nodes, and the persistence of some is resisting the abandonment of the majority. In a moment of desperation, since the United Community Foundation learned that a community self-governance organization similar to the Alliance of Small Communities had initiated a bottom-up DAO mechanism, while anchoring the mechanism of intra-project circulation on the basis of AUC through their wisdom. Such an organization is a sight to behold, and it seems that the ongoing changes and changes brought about by the market side have birthed the sprout of decentralization rising in the community, a gain that is really surprising and unexpected.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce this information today. One is that the operation and high cost of the chain end will be fully exhausted until May, and we have not received any feedback from the Hyperledger so far. All of the Hyperledger have not responded to the renewal and renewal of their contracts, but of course this matter should be reported with understanding, so the United Community Foundation will also scale back its institutional operations until new institutional and community donations are secured. In the follow-up community meetings, there was understanding and support. Osasion will therefore reposition itself for the future and achieve its decentralized consensus in a better form.

And to make arrangements for the next adjustments:

The chain side seeks to disengage from the succession solution and the main service provider platform to continue to accumulate consensus through a new mechanism, while seeking stronger cooperation to facilitate the realization of AUC value.

Circulating AUC and token system will do cross-chain operation and systemic arrangement, will leave it to the community to finish consensus continuously.

The technical architecture of the wallet APP side is adjusted and revised, and the host chain end of the bundle is transferred to a more valuable meta-universe ecology.

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