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Osasion DAPP’s Web 3.0 Light Start

Hello everyone, this is Community United Foundation, Osasion has developed a final proposal that is acceptable to all parties and unanimously agreed upon based on the draft resolution of the community joint and Hyperledgers in the final 2022317 communication meeting. Based on the marketization of the project, the authority is transferred to the market and the black hole address, the mechanism, operation, status and cost of the project are all transferred to the decentralized public open source free facilities, the implementation of no cost, no operation, no technical intervention, and the reinforcement of the project 100% back to the market to complete the complete decentralization.

This would have been a helpless move. Because absolute decentralization means: projects, markets, communities form relatively independent parallel lines, interaction generates value, no user interaction. Projects don’t disappear into the blockchain world for lack of data, while the physical and network costs are wiped out by the decentralized free infrastructure, and projects will maverick and run themselves even if no one participates in them. Turnaround or a good start, depending on when the market and the community transform their parallel characteristics, when the transformation curve (to fit the market development project) is Osasion new opportunities to bring a turnaround, so completely decentralized project, it is itself decentralized. Like an independent asteroid in the universe, it will rotate alone in its established orbit until the users who discover it and uncover it arrive and new civilization and vitality will unfold. No one will pay attention to it, and it will continue to operate in the world of blockchain, which is the paradox of decentralization and centralization for projects to fuel development.

To summarize the work process. From sorting out the minutes, determining the plan, decomposing the process to completing the user data identification, realizing the cross-chain of data mapping and preserving the user data assets with the bridge base technology of the only ecological free city, as well as completing the server disengagement and disengagement of the chain end and super node. Developing the web-side solution based on Binance Smart Chain, executing the established mining strategy, completing the development and distribution of the DAPP with practical technical support, and distributing the data to IPFS to complete decentralized storage, each step of the work was delivered on schedule according to the established plan. As a summary of the work identified by the community, the decentralized distribution of the title: self-help was accomplished through the joint efforts of all.

Based on this, comb through the advantages and disadvantages of Osasion DAPP to facilitate a more objective view of the current AUC. Advantages of DAPP: The distribution of DAPP’s Web3.0 is a completely decentralized architecture, and the project loses the constraints of a centralized architecture. At the same time, privacy, data control will be completely controlled by the user, low-cost low-friction operation, contract data on the chain, architecture data distribution in IPFS storage, complete before the mainstream of the industry, and the project core data by the consensus of the user aggregation to determine the future of the project. Users become the master of the project, beyond the traditional Internet APP use, with the times and industry foresight.

Disadvantages of DAPP: The advantages are so dazzling and the disadvantages are naturally exposed thoroughly. With the decentralized distribution of the project, the spreadability and marketability of the project will be completely swayed by the users and communities who are in contact with the market. Operations, market making, value walls, and technology iteration all lose the advantage of centralized reachable heights. At present, this is a common problem in the industry, but to a certain extent, the development of a strong community can dominate the project operations part of the lack of. On the other hand, because of the distribution in Web 3.0, the stability of the underlying chain and the withdrawal of nodes from third-party storage will form a potential risk for the project. Simply put: the technical indicators and experience of Binance Smart Chain chain will influence the running experience of DAPP. At the same time, assuming all nodes of IPFS are lost or disconnected, it will also cause data loss brought by IPFS storage of DAPP interaction data. All the above problems will not be solved, and can not intervene in the service to solve, this is the uncertainty brought by decentralization, the development of instability, change will have an impact and can not be predicted.

The project framework DAPP analyzed above may be vague for users and eager to figure out the problem. The truth that cognition changes the self and cognition changes the world never changes, and the next is the advantageous point of project setting.

  • Total AUC issuance: 137,436,181AUC.
  • Total AUC-USDT LP Staking pool: 129,340,577.67AUC.
  • Current Circulation Volume: 8,095,603.33AUC.
  • Current liquidity share: 5.89%.
  • Token abbreviation: AUC.
  • Precision: 8 digits.
  • The total number of issues is determined and cannot be increased.
  • Transfer transactions charged 5% transaction tax, destruction.
  • Address can not be transferred to empty, the default 1% sinking, manually set the minimum reservation can be 0.00000001 that can be.
  • The remaining features: in the pancake hold LP liquidity address, the contract has to automatically add the address of the tax-free whitelist, remove the liquidity then restore the transaction tax.

Core mechanism: Complete AUC liquidity injection, complete staking credential casting of LP Token. Link to DAPP to perform operation staking LP Token and get out of mining interest.

Staking term: minimum staking term option (no release during the staking term), no release at expiration to continue out of the mine. Any staking order expires at a uniform annualized rate of return of 10%.

Staking rules: orders in staking cannot be added to staking, multiple orders can be staking.

Out of mine rule: according to the annualized earnings calculated to the rate of return per second, staking that out of the mine (per second).

Claiming revenue: The revenue can be claimed at any time, and the release of the staking assets and the remaining claimable revenue need to be released together.

Stop out mining: Stop out mining when the pool ore volume ≦ 100.

Out of mining formula / year = Staking quantity × Corresponding annual yield × Yield factor.

If you read the above information carefully, you can summarize the following cognitive points. The more comprehensive the cognitive points are, the more it shows the higher the consensus and knowledge of AUC!

  • The only “LP Staking out” mechanism is determined to be fairer and more in line with the rights of market users.
  • Break the interval between outbound mining and market, break the boundary between primary and secondary market, real-time trading.
  • Riding on the fast track of BSC chain, user base, public chain infrastructure, ecological expansion, smooth coin access, and wallet platform diversification.
  • Cast LP, not only make a moat for their equity assets, but also help the development of AUC, provide AUC’s liquidity, and get the equity income from mining through the equity LP voucher staking, all in one go.
  • Current circulation: 8,095,603.33 AUC, accounting for only 5.89% of the total ore volume. The disk size is small, while the circulation value is low, and the interaction will also bring wear and tear destruction and total deflation.
  • Older coins with consensus can interact with the new ecology more strongly.

Finally, a message from the community volunteers with a lot of emotions. First of all, congratulations to the overall work process all completed, to all about Osasion project to promote the community, technical support, Habas Hackathon, users say: really not easy, we all tried our best, today we pay, the value will be remembered in the process of BSC chain.

Osasion’s historical mission has been accomplished, both in terms of business form and community differentiation, the centralized oriented operation is no longer in line with the times and has no ground for survival. Perhaps Osasion, which is free from any guidance and promotion to achieve complete freedom, can instead usher in the wings after the market differentiation.

How volunteers are involved in Osasion, in fact, we are all users nodes substantially involved, transformed from users to active volunteers and applied through professional skills resume to be part of the cause DAO Mechanism Community United Foundation that drives the development of Osasion, which is a similar path for most volunteers to come to the Osasion family. Two years of mixed sorrow and joy, watching the progress of the project, as users we gave unlimited expectations, while doing everything Osasion. But with the outbreak of potential operating costs, geographical stability of servers, pressure of regional policy environment, cost of potential breakthrough items in technology, bottleneck of technology iteration, technical route of the project, imbalance of ecological development, market hotspots diluting project consensus, etc., for the first time so eager for the project to have the expectation of a top centralized team. Because there is no continuous technical output from the original technical team, no channel to connect with capital, VC’s no way to start, the data on the chain gradually shows the end, the project meets great objective resistance and challenges, these are the things that happen under our witness. We are heartbroken and also powerless, during this period thanks to Beijing, Melbourne, Hangzhou, the technical community Habas the full support, we fight all the way to the present is not easy, grateful for the persistence of peers along the way and DIS hackathon activities continue to help.

At the present moment, all these are no longer important. Because we found that after subtraction, AUC is like a seagull after the rain, light and graceful, flying infinitely in the two-way blue space and time. We put absolute effort into this and sincerely hope that Osasion, who has gone completely to the forefront of the industry, will experience a rebirth after breaking the cocoon and envision a broader world. At that time, we will be one of the many users who will reap the rewards and surprises that rightfully belong to us belatedly, the latter giving us consistent expectations compared to the former’s relatively mundane ones. If AUC succeeds, it will be a history and pride for all of us to witness. Stay tuned to AUC and Osasion in the future, today it belongs to all of us.

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