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Osasion Releases IOS TestFlight Version

The number of users of Osasion network nodes continues to increase, but due to the recent strengthening of industry-level regulatory policies and the app`s IOS-side service platform being checked for improper use, the frequency of user sign-offs is also increasing.Previously, Osasion used third-party APP service platform providers and other distribution platforms to provide node users with download links on the IOS end of the Osasion wallet.According to the application scope of the blockchain included in the IOS application and the third-party APP is affected by factors such as the blockchain industry, some node users of the IOS system frequently experience sign-offs.Under normal circumstances, the sign-off on the IOS terminal has nothing to do with Osasion itself, and there is no such problem on the Android terminal.

In this case, as long as the Osasion wallet end IOS system completes the resignation, download and install the new version of the APP and import the mnemonic or private key of the wallet to synchronize the data.However, this method usually only solves the problem of sign-off in a short period of time, and cannot solve the problem of sign-off for IOS users in the long-term. Once other products of the APP service platform are affected or the application platform is affected by other force majeure factors, it may cause the Osasion IOS end to be signed off.Therefore, in order to avoid the adverse effects brought by third-party APP service platforms and solve related problems such as sign-off on the Osasion IOS end, the Osasion wallet IOS end will be switched to the official test-only download of TestFlight.After the Osasion wallet download is complete, the node user can import the mnemonic or private key of the account and complete the data update synchronization without re-signing or downloading the Osasion wallet repeatedly.

TestFlight is an Apple application that helps developers distribute Beta version software. Developers can use this application to distribute applications to be tested to testers.After the developer can upload the Beta version of the software, Osasion node users can download the Osasion wallet through TestFlight, and provide feedback to the developer.At present, the Osasion wallet has not yet been put on the Apple Store. Downloading the Osasion wallet through TestFlight will have a significantly lower rate of sign-off compared to re-installing the Osasion wallet through re-signing, but there is no guarantee that sign-off will not happen again.

In the future, the complete resolution of the Osasion IOS end-of-sign issue will depend on many reasons, and the policy orientation will play a decisive role.

About Osasion

Osasion public chain is committed to building a distributed financial ecosystem on the decentralized asset consensus chain.The first MPOS consensus mechanism will create a distributed and decentralized financial empowerment network that is jointly built and shared by the main body of consensus. Financial innovation at the protocol layer will promote the fairness and scalability of the encrypted asset world.Osasion integrates consensus to build assets. Through a new ecological digital economy of distributed governance, it fits the core concept of decentralized finance and is committed to building an asset consensus public chain that benefits tens of millions of consensus nodes.

Osasion public chain created the world’s first MPOS (Multiple consensus impower single sign-on Proof of stake), and established a completely decentralized distributed node autonomous system through 25 million nodes.The joint construction of the overall public chain nodes allows everyone to participate and reward fairness and justice.The design of the node puts users in the network, and Osasion’s nodes will no longer be users but participants in the main body of the public chain, enjoying the rights of users and owners.

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