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Osasion Weekly Report #11 (February 8th — February 14th)

Highlight: $AUC consensus price: $1.75

I. Osasion Node Information Update

Osasion Active Nodes: 13,838

Sleep Nodes: 6,955

Inventive Mining Pool: 2,243,380

AUC Pool: 2,790,511

$AUC Consensus price: $1.75

II. Marketing Update

What a year, happy Chinese New Year.

Osasion Academy series released 6 parts already!

February 14th was Saint Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

III. Community

Twitter Followers: 11,286

Telegram Community: 19,668

  • English Telegram Community: 16,362
  • Chinese Telegram Community: 3,306

· Osasion Blockchain Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· Osasion Blockchain Telegram Community

· Osasion Blockchain Facebook Page and Discord

· Osasion Blockchain Medium (For the latest articles)

· Osasion Blockchain GitHub (For the full set of code)



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