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The Community United Foundation Resolution 2022317 on the Arrangement of the Historical Process of Osasion

In accordance with Resolution 2022317 of the Community United Foundation, Community and Technology Joint Conference, we will review Osasion’s future development and work schedule.

The chain end seeks solutions to replace the third-party master service provider platform to achieve a truly zero-cost decentralized distribution, locking and ensuring the project body form through a new mechanism contract. The authority is transferred to the black hole, the community will be fully dominated to promote the value of AUC to be realized, and the circulating AUC and token system will do cross-chain operation and systemic arrangement.

Osasion chain-side technical matters

  • Data locking for on-chain data traceability.
  • Complete the authorization and activation of the last node 41905, i.e. column 289 as of Troy’s main network. Complete the one-time outgoing of all activated nodes, backfill the single outgoing of all nodes with 68.42 AUC, and achieve full coverage of unused NFT and unused UORA nodes.
  • Develop Binance Smart Chain conversion channel, complete the token contract and the mining mechanism after conversion of Osasion reasonable framework, and land on the BSC chain side.
  • Complete the BSC related supporting DAPP according to the community demand, and complete all the detachment of OMC chain end.
  • Osasion APP side technical structure revision, stripping the constraints of the chain end, will be transferred to the more valuable meta-universe ecological development section.
  • After all delivery to the community, all mechanism contracts will be locked and transfer management rights to the black hole address. osasion will be completely decentralized deployment, there will be no more operations and new technology iterations, future development, good luck.

Osasion chain side operation matters

  • Hyperledger and the community passed by a high vote, Hyperledger will not renew Hyperledger’s base server facilities and third-party operations and maintenance costs, and cut and lay off the application layer community-recruited technology development team.
  • Resolution 2022317 will bind the organizations in the service cycle with the realization of Osasion’s chain-end data migration to Binance Smart Chain, completing the decentralized distribution of the product form and open source.
  • The smooth transition period will last for three months until all the product forms and OMC chain-side servers are shut down.
  • The Community United Foundation was dissolved, and the future development of AUC will be entirely community-led and responsible.

The mining mechanism of AUC on the Binance Smart Chain.

AUC Coin Issue

  1. Circulation:137436181
  2. Issue accuracy: 8
  3. Token allocation: The corresponding amount of circulation is transferred to a cross-chain coin-filling address. The remainder goes to an out-of-mining alternate address.
  • Address can not turn empty, the default 1% sedimentation, manual minimum setting can be reserved for 0.00000001.
  • Restrictions on contract robot buy and sell orders, frozen accounts are judged to be contract interactions,that is frozen.
  • Transfer, transaction sale and purchase charge 5% transaction tax; add LP address to be exempted from 5% transaction tax; the 5% transaction tax charged will be transferred directly to the destruction address.


Mining method: LP Staking


Mine out to Staking users who hold LP.

According to the outgoing mining limit mechanism for holding LP Staking token, calculated according to the share of LP.

Calculate LP out of the mine earnings, real-time changes, receive earnings need to be user action.

Period: Fixed or flexible

4. Out of mine factor: LP token`s share pricing is back-calculated and automatically reduced by 30% every year to account for.

  • A minimum of thirty days of Staking is allowed and will continue to Staking out mines at the expiration date without decompression and is calculated on a 30-day annualized basis.
  • During LP Staking, freeze the withdrawal of the pool LP share operation, and only operate after decompression (locked LP).

Out of mine calculation formula:

LP out of mine = LP token × Corresponding Daily Yield × out of Mine Factor

The above technical program is planned for implementation, and the final program is subject to the interpretation announcement of the specific release version.

In the light of the objective facts of Osasion`s development, the Community United Foundation makes the following comments in this regard:

Osasion after 2 years, its development and internal core mechanism, especially the clean and transparent data of the outgoing mining mechanism, once became the industry standard.

The early disengagement of the core underlying development team was a necessity and a bold experiment. In fact, the conflict between technology iteration and Bayesian development system was forced by a technical bottleneck had to change its thinking, the underlying framework of the limitations of the beginning to lose the basic control of data economics, data AI matrix, market psychology and human nature, in fact, the idea of completely put development on the community and the market is not feasible.

The DAO mechanism was cultivated without considering the objective period and cost of forming the Bayesian system, and therefore the experiment failed. However, based on the knowledge and efforts of some communities and Hyperledger, the Community United Foundation found that Osasion’s experiment was not a complete failure, and its enlightened market, which empowers market players most thoroughly, is Osasion, which also gave birth to many bottom-up community alliances, and their efforts and pursuits moved us, which is the value and charm Osasion gives to this industry.

At the same time, it also side-steps the idea of decentralization under pioneering to become the core of DAO mechanism development, which is a powerful force. However, its spontaneous decentralized organization and the inability to coalesce consensus and resources to help the project development, so the reliability and efficiency of complete decentralization is not guaranteed and bound, and the spell of the industry triangle law of impossibility still oppresses Osasion.

With the conference premise of keeping expectations and guarding hopes, although we could not convince Hyperledger to continue guarding the chain against the cost of losing $70,000 per year, we ensured that Osasion opened the essence of decentralization at the lowest cost, delivering the project’s core value data and optimized product form to the community intact, allowing the community that still persists and wants to continue to move forward.

The project will rely on the Binance Smart Chain to operate in a fixed mechanism and way, there will be no more changes and no more technological interventions. It will move forward spontaneously on a specific track and will be truly decentralized. In theory, any individual or institution can participate in the full range of Osasion’s operations through a specific mechanism, and the authority of the coin power will be the only criterion for determination.

What the future holds for the Community United Foundation cannot be predicted, but hope and value go hand in hand, and may AUC continue to travel light.

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